"Happiness is a choice, not a result. Nothing will make you happy until you choose to be happy."

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Day 17...

...A photo of you and your family.
For starters my family is the best family in the world...

..My cute Husband and myself..

..Dev and Meg..

..My Mom..

..Dev, Scott, Griffy, Eric, Scott (my dad)..

..Grandma and Grandpa Payne..

..Grandpa Anderson..

..Grandma Anderson..

..Ape, Griff, me, Debbie, Eric, Whit..

..Lindsay, Zach, Ryssa Roo..

..Mom, Dad, Me, Griff, Grandpa...

..Grandpa and Grandma Call..

..Laryssa Babyyy..

I love my family SO much they are all the best ever!!
They do so much for me and for Griff, it means the world to me...
Love you all!!!

Day 16...

...Your celebrity crush.

Christan Bale
Ashton Kutcher
Shia Labeouf
Jonny Depp
These are not necessarily my Crushes but they are for sure my Favorite Actors!!
They are amazingly good actors, and yes they are pretty good looking.
If any of these guys are in a movie I will see it...

Day 15...

...Something you don’t leave the house without.

Of course I will Never leave my house without my Wedding Ring.. I Love this so much and it means the world to me. It is So precious and if I was every to lose it I would be heartbroken... Not only because it is gorgeous but because it is the best gift I have ever been given by the most amazing guy.
Also my phone... I feel naked without it!!

Day 14...

...A TV show you’re currently addicted to.

Lets just say that I have TOO many shows that I follow....
I love getting involved in these shows I am so easy entertained.
I guess I am never bored haha..

Dy 13...

...Your favorite musician and why?

I am so versatile when it comes to Music...
...I will listen to everything EXCEPT head banging Screamo!!! Ewww..
But other then that I will go from Country, to Love Songs, to Rap, To anything that is easy to dance to or fun to sing my little heart out to!
I Really Love Music!!
I do not know what I would do if there was no music it makes me so happy.

Day 12...

...A photograph of the town you live in.

We live in Saratoga Springs, technically Harvest Hills.
We love it out there!! It is far enough away to be on our own but close enough to visit Family and Friends frequently.
When we tell people we live in Saratoga they look at us like you are SO far away....
...Well we are not...
Saratoga starts just a light south of Camp Williams and ends clear south by Utah Lake!!
We Do Not live out by the Lake even though it would fun to look out our windows and see an amazing view every day.
The Elementary way close to us..
The View!!!
Every time we are driving home we get to see this!

Day 11...

...What’s in your makeup bag?

I have a lot of random make up, I even have tons more that I did not take a picture of because these are the main things that I use..
..I am not a picky person or high maintenance so for me I will use any brand of make up as long as it works.
I have really loved all my make up and guess what?? It is not pricey :D

Janssen Tinted Moisturizer
Elf Glow
Maybelline Mineral Powder
Maybelline Mineral Powder Illuminator
Covergirl Trublend Minerals
N.Y.C. Blush
Sally Girl Brown Eye Shadow
Rimmel Eye Shadow Set
Covergirl Mascara
Covergirl Mascara Brush
Fresh Mineral Powder Brush
Fresh Mineral Eye Shadow Brush
Eyebrow Pencil
Black Eye Liner
Eye Lash Curler
Burt's Bees Lip Balm
...The finished look...