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Thursday, December 30, 2010


Of Trees!!!

Over the weekend the Beginning of December I took work off to take Laryssa off
Lindsay and Zach's Hands.
So on that Friday my mom called and said she had tickets to go to see all these AMAZING Trees!
 Meeting Santa Clause!! Or in Ryssa's words... "Ho Ho Ho!!"
She is not scared of him like most little ones :D
 U of U or BYU??
Not even a question who to cheer for... U of U all the way!!!
 There was this yummy goodie shop you could get chocolate on just about anything you
wanted... Laryssa LOVES marsh mellows so of course that is what she got!!!
My mom and I got some other yummy treats!!!
 Santa's work shop!!!
What a super fun night out!!!
Thank you mom for helping me make this night way fun with Ryssa Roo!!
All the trees were so pretty and done up so great. I just wish I had the talent and eye to make 
our Tree look so Festive!