"Happiness is a choice, not a result. Nothing will make you happy until you choose to be happy."

Friday, September 13, 2013

Zoo Day

On August 16th all the girls went to the Zoo!! It was such a nice day, a little hotter then we would have wanted, but still a great day. We got there pretty early in the morning so that we would be able to see the animals out playing instead of after they eat lunch they are boring and sleeping!!
Blakelee loved it so much. She has been to the San Diego Zoo this year but I think she was still so small to know what was going on at all. Even though she isn't much bigger a few months make a big difference. She was much for interactive when seeing the animals this go around. She would clap and laugh while pointing and ohhhing over them.
I haven't been to the zoo in awhile so it was so fun to see all the new additions. They added a water park for the kids to cool off in. Blake loved walking in the water to cool off her toes!! Jae and Ryss loved it as well. They also loved the slide!! After we played we headed to the polar bears!! Yes they added polar bears and otters. I love it!!
Mr. Polar Bear was probably the best to watch he would come right up to the glass and play with the kids!! He loved the water and would splash all around.
Baby Jae thought the Giraffes smelt pretty bad! Haha she cracks us up.
Of course I had to buy my sweet girl a White Tiger stuffed animal!! She loved it and immediately bit it!

What a fun day with my family! I am so glad we were all able to go to the zoo. Afterwards we headed to KFC for lunch then headed home! Such a great day!

Griffin is 25!!

Griffin's Birthday fell on a Sunday this year. So we had his surprise party on that Saturday and by morning we were very tired. I woke up early and went to get him breakfast in bed. I know it was Sunday but we didn't have any food, we hadn't gone grocery shopping and I wanted him to have a Birthday Breakfast. We hung out watching shows and napping until we went to his parents for dinner and gifts.
Griff got a new tie, gummy bears, money, and gift cards.
Of course he was able to blow out his candle.
A few days before his birthday my parents and grandparents gave him his gifts during a family party that he was not able to be at due to work. So he opened his gifts when he got home. He got more gift cards, treats, and another tie!!
I love this man more and more every single day. I am one lucky girl and so is Blake's to have him in our life's!! He is so amazing and makes us laugh so much. 
We love you!!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Griffin's 25th Surprise Party

On August 10th I had planned a surprise birthday party for Griff. I started planning it over a month ago inviting everyone, buying all the decorations, and figuring out schedules to set the time. Griff was suppose to work till 8pm home by 8:30. So I told everyone to be to our house just after 8pm that way we had enough time to surprise him. Well..... of course my plan did not work!!
Griffin ended up having cooperate softball all day. They started about noon and played till they lost. The thing is, they never lost, they won the whole thing and didn't leave the field till after 9pm. He still had to go get his car in Orem and come home.... I was majorly stressed to say the least!!!
Everyone still came over at 8pm some knew he was going to be running late and some had no idea but were great sports and hung out waiting. Griff would call me after each game to let me know they had to play another one. Once they won and he was on his way home I knew he couldn't go get his car... it would be far to late!!! So Whit and I came up with a plan to say Whit was on a bad date in Provo and she would meet him just off our exit to bring him home so him and I could go get some dinner to celebrate his birthday while she watched Blakelee. He totally bought it!!!! He finally made it home around 10pm. 
...His Birthday Cake...
...Golf Theme...
...Blakelee's first taste of Popsicle...
We all hide and had the lights off, when he walked in he heard little Beau man say "grandpa!" hahaha So he started laughing and wondered what was going on. I was so stressed and didn't even think to turn the lights on... duh!!! So I shout out "SURPRISE!!" followed by everyone else, then finally I remember to turn the lights on. 
He had no idea and was so surprised!!! He was so excited to see everyone. We had a great turnout so many of his good friends came along with all his and my family.
...She learned how to climb the stairs this night...
After he said his hellos and thanks we all ate!! I felt so bad, but the time kept getting later and later and I wanted to get pizza, but wanted to make sure Griff was going to be able to have a slice. So as soon as we knew he was on his way home my mom and sister went to get all the pizza. We also had veggies and watermelon to eat!!! It all went very fast, everyone must of been starving.
Griff was able to blow out his birthday candles and we all enjoyed a cupcake. He then opened up his gifts and thanked everyone for coming!
...Loving daddy's birthday cupcake...
...Baby friends...
...Baylee, Brightyn, and Blakelee...
...All Griffin's Friends...
...Love my birthday boy...
...Target Golf was in the upstairs hallway...
It was a success!!! All that stress paid off. Griff had never had a Surprise Party thrown for him. So I thought what better time then his 25th Birthday. Even though he wasn't there very long with all his friends, he had a blast and was so happy everyone was there!!
Thank you all who came out!!
Happy Birthday Babe Love You!