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Friday, September 13, 2013

Griffin is 25!!

Griffin's Birthday fell on a Sunday this year. So we had his surprise party on that Saturday and by morning we were very tired. I woke up early and went to get him breakfast in bed. I know it was Sunday but we didn't have any food, we hadn't gone grocery shopping and I wanted him to have a Birthday Breakfast. We hung out watching shows and napping until we went to his parents for dinner and gifts.
Griff got a new tie, gummy bears, money, and gift cards.
Of course he was able to blow out his candle.
A few days before his birthday my parents and grandparents gave him his gifts during a family party that he was not able to be at due to work. So he opened his gifts when he got home. He got more gift cards, treats, and another tie!!
I love this man more and more every single day. I am one lucky girl and so is Blake's to have him in our life's!! He is so amazing and makes us laugh so much. 
We love you!!

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