"Happiness is a choice, not a result. Nothing will make you happy until you choose to be happy."

Thursday, March 22, 2012

We can't wait for our little one to be here.
I can feel my tummy getting tighter and the muscles getting more tender.
That just means baby is growing.
We are officially 12 weeks along and baby is the size of a plum.
I can not even wait till our little one gets bigger so we can feel movement!!
I still am not 100% feeling better but I can actually eat now with out getting sick.
My pants are getting tight.... sad but a good sign.
I don't sleep very well at night anymore.
I am such a tummy sleeper, sleeping on my side and back is starting to get sore and my arms fall to sleep on me. Just one small price to pay I guess.
I am SO tired all the time. I have no energy... Just to get out of bed in the morning is tiring!
I don't have any cravings, just random food will sound good but once I get a taste of it I'm done with it.
We have a bassinet, Thanks to Lindsay for letting us borrow it!!
We will be getting the crib in a couple of weeks!!!
Everything is slowly coming together!
We will be finding out the gender at 16-18 weeks and then we can register for our baby.
Griffin is going to be such an amazing dad.
He is so excited for October to be here, he can't wait to find out the gender so we can buy Micheal Jordan shoes, boy or girl, our baby will have these shoes! Haha.
Love you baby keep growing!!

B is for Bowling

Night out with the McBrides!!
We went bowling with them a couple weekends ago. I am not super good at bowling but for some reason our first game I didn't do to shabby!! We all had such a fun time.
Griff is seriously such a good bowler! He spins it every time. I have tried to do this little trick a couple of times but I can't figure it out! Haha!
Our cute friends Lara and Stephen!
Can I just say I love this guy!!
He is my best friend ever and the love of my life!!
Love you babe.
Thanks for a fun night bowling!!!

Suprise Birthday Party

For my Brother-in-law Zach's birthday we met up at the Spaghetti Factory for a surprise party that my sister planned for him. It was so much fun, the food was very tasty and the party was great!!
Griff and I
Mom and Dad
Zach's Mom and Dad
Brother and Sister
His other sister and her husband
Zach's friends
Happy Birthday!!!
He got some fun gifts from everyone!!
We had some yummy pie!!
What a fun party good work Lindsay for planning a fun night out!!

Weekend of Golf

A few weeks ago Griff and I went to St. George and Vegas so he could play some golf in a tournament. He played a practice round in St. George on Saturday at Coral Canyon. He was able to play with a Pro, he's not a big name but he was very good! Griff loved every minute of it. He got to ask him questions and learn from him. For the last 9 holes Griff's brother Eric met up with him to be able to play as well. Once they were done we got some food then went back to Eric and April's house to relax.
In the morning we woke up pretty early packed up our things and headed to Vegas for the Tournament in Boulder City. We got their and it was freezing!! I had long pants, boots, long sleeve shirt, jacket, and Griff's jacket. I was still cold!!
It was a fun day watching him play his little heart out!!
He played very well! Good job love!
Once he was done we started our long drive back to SLC.... What a trip! Lots of driving, but fun to watch Griff do what he loves :D

Love Day

Ok so I am a little behind on my blogging...
When you don't feel good the last thing you want to do is think.
I have been working and coming straight home (for the most part) and just sleeping! I have been so tired with no energy.
This year for Valentines Griff and I went to Texas Road House for dinner, a couple days early, so we would miss the crowd.
On the actual day we both had to work.. Once we were off we got home and exchanged gifts. Griffin got me an edible arrangement, and I got him his favorite treats!!!
We ordered pizza and watched a movie :)
What a fun day!!
Love you babe.

Friday, March 9, 2012

5 weeks - 9 weeks

5 Weeks

6 Weeks
This was my most bloated, and sick stage!
Had to get on Zofran.

7 Weeks

9 Weeks

Wow time is going so fast!!
Who knew that it would go so quickly already.
We went in for our first Dr. Appointment on March 6th. We got off work early and headed to Riverton Hospital to meet our Dr. Jane Bowman. She is great!! We really like her.
We got a bag of goodies, formula, prenatals, and baby info!
Then came the not so fun part.... Flu Shot, Blood taken, and a couple other not so fun things!! BUT then we were able to hear baby's heart beat xoxoxo!! So in love!!!
It was the most precious sound ever. The heart beat was 160-180 which we have heard can mean a girl. So now Griff is thinking Blaklee!!! He is already wrapped around this little ones finger weather it's a boy or girl!! We are so beyond excited :)

Telling the Parents

The original plan was to wait till we were 6-7 weeks along until we told our families but we were to excited. We couldn't wait even a week! So the day after we found out we decided to tell our parents.
We headed to Walmart picked up 2 blankets, 2 poster boards, and markers. Next off to my parents... on the way their I was writing on the poster and decorating it. It said "Bompa and Damma Please Hold Safe. Love Ryder or Blaklee. See you in October! Baby Bland."
When we got to my families we dropped the poster on the door step and put the blanket with it. Rang the doorbell and went in through the garage. We were trying to be sneaking and fast so we would be inside while they opened the door, but the garage door was locked so we didn't make it in until after they had already picked up the gift on the porch. They were so very surprised!! My mom yells "Your Pregnant??" We had told everyone that we wanted to wait 5 years after we were married until kids... We fooled them all! :D We hugged them and some tears were involved of happiness!!
We hung out with them for a bit and then headed to Griff's families.
Dev and Meg already knew the news because Griff was so excited he had to tell someone they day we found out. So they said they would help us out with telling the fam! Thanks guys!!!
So we met them in the neighborhood and gave them the poster and blanket for them to place on the porch ring and run while we were already inside.
So we head in the house trying to pretend like nothing. But knowing that we were about to tell his family and just getting done telling my family, we were on a high!! Finally we hear the doorbell ring and Debbie goes to get it. She just stares at it forever haha then says "Oh my gosh!" So we go over and give her a hug. More tears!! Next thing we bring it inside and the family congratulates us!
It was so fun to tell the family!
We are so excited for our little one to be here!!!