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Sunday, December 19, 2010


 Griffin, Luke and I went to Wendover Last Wed. for a Poker Tourney that Griff was really wanting to
Play in...When we got there you had to be signed up
for it by 7pm because that was when it started. Griff got signed up but was an
Alt.. Because there was SO many people who wanted to play, If you were an Alt you got to play
once one of the guys already in the Tourney got out. Griff was #56.... He was super Bummed, BUT
they gave him a free Buffet Coupon. So Luke and I signed up just to get the Free Buffet haha
 Kicking some Trash with his Pro Skills!!
 After we played some games. (griff was about 80th out of 300 in the tourney... He played so good) We played all the other games and did really well... Then headed up to our room so hit the sack it was about 2am and we were beat!

 Luke made 1 cent :D
 Woooo We turned $20 into $175 :D!!!

 We stayed at the Nugget it was really nice and decorated up so cute for Christmas!!
 Such a fun get away!


Watch Us getting our Grove on for Christmas!!