"Happiness is a choice, not a result. Nothing will make you happy until you choose to be happy."

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Baseball Game!!

I absolutely love going to the Bees Games!
One of my most favorite things to do in the summer.
Last week we went to go cheer on our team...
... We must not of cheered enough they didn't even get a run!
So they lost by a lot but we still had a blast!!!
Laryssa got Damma to buy her a slushy!!
Oh and a balloon haha!!
Debbie and Jori
aka... 2nd mom and sister!
Mom and Sister :D
My mom and Debbie
aka... BFF's

Ryss giving me a kiss.
Enjoying the game.
Bompa and Ryss!!
Griff loving the game!!!
Isn't he so dang cute :)
See those rain clouds??
Yup we got poured on!!
Haha but it made for a pretty picture!
Love my Grandpa!
She is the most precious girly ever!!!
Good thing Debbie came prepared with multiple umbrellas.
Otherwise we would all be soaking wet!
The players just played right through it like no big deal!!
Good job Bees!
Did you know I learned how baseball works from my hubby?
He played in High School and I would go watch him at almost every single game and he wanted me to know all the In's and outs of the game so he taught me well! I now love the game!
He was still the best pitcher to watch ever!! :)
The Bee!!!
Ryss, Sam, and Jori loved him!
The game is over they lost but we loved every minute of it with all our amazing friends and family!!
Hope we can go to a few more before the season is over!
And maybe they can win those!

Bragging Rights

At work we were doing a contest on who could sale the most "Season Tickets" and I won!
I sold over 40 of them in the matter of 3 weeks! :D
So because I sold the most I got a new set of Clippers and Trimmers.
Those are the best prize for a Cosmetologist!!

Not to mention I got Stylist of the Month!!
My manager really paid me a complement for helping out so much and being willing to work whatever I can to help!!
So she got me my favorite flowers which are Sunflowers and she also got me my favorite drink and candy bar!!
What a great day at work!! :D
Working hard really pays off!!