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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Bragging Rights

At work we were doing a contest on who could sale the most "Season Tickets" and I won!
I sold over 40 of them in the matter of 3 weeks! :D
So because I sold the most I got a new set of Clippers and Trimmers.
Those are the best prize for a Cosmetologist!!

Not to mention I got Stylist of the Month!!
My manager really paid me a complement for helping out so much and being willing to work whatever I can to help!!
So she got me my favorite flowers which are Sunflowers and she also got me my favorite drink and candy bar!!
What a great day at work!! :D
Working hard really pays off!! 

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Stephen and Lara said...

Great Job! You're awesome! ;) We all need to hang out soon!!!