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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Raspberry Jam

My mom and dad have a ton of Raspberry Bushes!
So tonight we decided to make some Jam..
Mmmm Delicious.
First you...
Pick 'em...
You Pick 'em...
You Pick 'em!!

Next you...
Smash 'em
you smash 'em
you smash 'em!
Then you...
Mix 'em
You Mix 'em
You Mix 'em!
After you...
Stir 'em
You Stir 'em
You Stir 'em!
Finally you...
Jar 'em
You Jar 'em
You Jar 'em!
After we made all the jam we made a Delicious shake..
and you...
Drink 'em
You Drink 'em
You Drink 'em!
And dad was done helping after picking the berries!! :D
So excited for my Homemade Jam!
I will now have lots of Peanut & Butter & Jam sandwiches!!!

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