"Happiness is a choice, not a result. Nothing will make you happy until you choose to be happy."

Monday, January 31, 2011

A much Needed Night out!

Ashley, Me, Alison, and Brandie with all our Hubby's
got together after work last Friday to have a Stress Free Fun night!!!
We went to Applebees for some dinner.... Lets just say our Waitress was SO Slow!!!
 The Boys minus one that snuck out of the picture... Oh and they wouldn't bunch together hahah.... BOYS!!
Dinner was a blast I love these girls when we all work together it is always great!
Work has been a bit stressful for most of us lately so we needed a night away with good Company.
After Dinner we went back to our house to watch a movie!!
Thank you Girlie's for making the night SO much fun!!! 

Welcome Home...

Elder Chris Martin!!!
 He served his LDS Mission in Australia.
It was so fun to see all the Guys back together again after all them have served their missions!!
It has been so fun to see all Griff's friends Return with Honor from their 2 year Experiences :D
How good it is have Chris home he is such a sweetheart!!!
Welcome Home Chris!

A Small Taste of Children!

Last week Griff and I got the chance to House sit, Baby sit, and Dog sit for a family that went out of town...
 I went over there Saturday the 22nd and spent all day with them while Griff was working.
We had them for a week... Getting them ready for School, Taking them to School,
Packing their lunches, Helping them with Homework, Making them Dinner, and helping them get ready for bed!
Then we had the dogs, Making sure they got fed and that they got let out..
It sure was an Adventure for us...
It was fun but at the same time it was a lot of work handling 2 kids and 2 dogs!

Monday, January 24, 2011


...Just Wanna Have Fun!!!
My cute girl friends and I try to get together once a month at least.. It is difficult sometimes to work with every ones busy schedules.
But this month we all played Kinect and had yummy Pizza at my house.
Courtney, Cortney, Brooke (Cort's cute baby girl), and Laura all came!!!
 We sat around eating Pizza for a while so we could all catch up..
It had been far to long since we had all hung out!
 Time to play Kinect Dance Central!
Lets just say my friends are the BEST!!!!!!
When ever we get together we always are Laughing till we cry.
They always will turn your day into the best.
Dancing the night away!!!!

 Once we were done dancing we played some sports.
Ping pong and everything else!!
 Trying to beat Court at Racing... Not a chance lol!!
Her legs are much longer then mine are.

 More Laughs :D
 By the time we decided to take cute pics Cortney and her Little one had left.. Dang!!!
Best Friends Ever!!!

 We were pooped from playing and running around so we decided to get Courtney addicted to Pretty Little Liars!!!
Laura and I already are.
So Ice Cream and Pretty Little Liars
It was the Cherry one top of a Fun Night!!!
Love you girls you are the Best!!!
Until next month...

Monday, January 17, 2011

Our FUN Get Away...

To Arizona!!
For Christmas instead of going all out on Gifts we decided to take a Vacation!
So we called up Devin and Megan to set up a week we could visit them.
On Tuesday we got a the plane and flew to AZ.
 Amazing Sun Set!!! WOW!
 When we made it there we went to dinner at Margarittaville (sp)!! It was such a fun place,
And yummy food.
 After dinner we went back to their Adorable Place and got settled in.

In the Morning we got in our swim suits and headed to the pool!! It was in the 70's so man it was nice to lay out in the sun.
 It was still a little to cold for me to swim but the boys took a dip!
 We then got ready for the night, we went to Dinner at Boston Market (I think that is what it was called)
Then off to the Sun's Game!!!!
 In the morning we went to Casino Arizona. They were having a poker Tournament and Griff was so excited!!
For Dinner we went for Pizza at Ogees. (sp)
So yummy!!!! 
You guessed it!!
Hot Tub Time! Oh it felt so Nice.
 The next day Meg had to work...
So we went to lunch at some Sushi Place. It was Delicious!!
Don't mind the fact that I look like a Savage...
Didn't get ready till after we got back and I took a good hour or so at the pool!
 This night instead of going out we had a BBQ.
We hit up Walmart got some steaks and veggies and threw them on the Grill just outside of the Pool!
It was so nice to BBQ :D
 When we woke up and got ready for the day we hit up Cafe Rumba for some lunch then off to the mall,
It was so cool they had a Lego Store!!!
Woody is made of Lego's haha!!
 We went to On The Border for some Dinner!! So GOOD!!

 This day it is time to pack up our bags and go home....
Well we thought our Camera was going out on us but come to find out somehow our settings
got switched so there was not much color when we took these pics!!
 Before we went to the Airport we hit up Casino Arizona again so the boys could play some live poker.
Meg had to work again... :( No fun!!
So I watched some Football until they were done, they both walked out with more money!! Good work guys!
For lunch we went to Fashion Square!! If you love to shop and have never been there... Lets just say it is a must to go!
It is a 3 level shopping mall that is so large you could get lost. Oh and it has super high end store, Juicy, Gucci, LV and much more!!
So we ate some food then off to the Airport!!
Time to Fly back to the bitter cold Utah!!
 Thanks guys you made our Vacation so much fun!!!
You showed us around and entertained us so well we can't even wait for the day we can
come and visit again!!