"Happiness is a choice, not a result. Nothing will make you happy until you choose to be happy."

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Oh Baby Baby

We are now getting down to the nitty gritty... Less than 5 weeks left!! We can't even wait. We are a bit nervous and scared but what new parents aren't?? There seems to be a never ending list of things that I want done and that need to be done before she is born. Her base boards and getting painted but we haven't even started painting her door, we need to move the bed out of her room and set up her crib, wash her clothes (the newborns at least), get her some cute bows and headbands for her newborn pictures, find a photographer to take her newborn pictures that isn't to pricey, and still get diapers, formula, bottles, more burp rags, car seat, and stroller. We for sure still have many things but we do have a few more showers!!
I met my new doctor on Tuesday.. I was a bit nervous going to a new doctor, a boy doctor, being in a new clinic and going alone!! But everything turned out great. He was very nice, his name is Dr. Ollerton. They told me I can see him the rest of the time or I can schedule to meet the other doctors until I deliver... with only 5 weeks left I would rather see just the same doctor!! I will be seeing him every week from here on out.
It is for sure getting more and more uncomfortable being pregnant... she on average weighs over 5 pounds which is heavy including all the other additional weight from just being pregnant. I am not use to having this extra weight.. it is hard to bend over, sleep, stand all day, sit, lay on my back, and do a lot of movement! It will all be so worth it in the end though :).
I only have roughly 4 weeks left at work until I go on maternity. It is a non paid leave, which will be a struggle but we will make it work. I do have some vacation time that I will be using, so that will be a huge help. And if anyone needs a haircut while I am off I will be more then willing to do some cuts. I leave September 21st and return November 3rd. I know that it is going to be one of the hardest things going back to work and not being with my baby girl, so I am just preparing myself now so I am not as huge of a wreck! My sister will be watching Blakelee most of the week!! I can not be more thankful that I have a sister who lives so close to my work and is willing to help us out. She will have her 3 days a weeks, Griff will get a fun daddy daughter day every Saturday, I will get her all Friday, and Wednesdays we will play it by ear. It is going to be very stressful trying to get her on a schedule while running her around so much but I just hope that we can find the best schedule for us.
We are so excited to enter into this new life for ourselves, it is coming very fast like I say all the time!! It will be a whole new chapter in our life's. Blakelee we are so thrilled to meet you and see who you look like!! You let us know you are in my tummy all the time, with your hiccups or your kicks. We loving feeling and seeing you move around so much. We love you so much!!!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

2 Years Already

I can not believe that we have been married for 2 years!! On August 24th we celebrated 2 years. We really didn't do a whole lot. Griff has been sick since last Thursday so on our actual Anniversary I baby sat my nieces in the morning while Griff stayed home sick.. When I got home I made us a yummy breakfast dinner and we watched some of our favorite shows together. We were going to get a hotel up in Park City the next day but Griff still wasn't feeling very good so instead we ordered take out from Texas Road House and had another at home night! We didn't do much but we had time together and I loved every minute of it!!
2 years has flown by so fast, times goes by fast when you are having fun!! We have had some ups and some downs but we have grown so close and have become such a GREAT team. We are having our first baby girl this fall and we are so excited to add to our family. It has been so fun and amazing becoming our own family and making our own traditions. I love Griff so much and am so happy that we had Spanish together when we were 15 :)!!

Best Friends Reception

The day came and went for my cute friend Jori and her new husband Kyle!! They got married in the Manti Temple on the 4th of August then went and had their Honeymoon in Disneyland. On August 17th was their reception in Nephi. Jori and I have been friends since we were 7 months old!! Her mom is best friends with my mom, she use to babysit me and my sister when we were little! Jori and I have grown up together, as we got older our relationship wasn't as close as it use it be.. makes me sad!! But she is one of my best friends and I love her!! I am so happy for her and the amazing August she was able to have.
Her reception was amazing. They had it outside with a yummy dinner for everyone. They put so much work into making this such a special day. The trees had twinkle lights and pictures hanging from the branches, all the tables were decorated so cute, they had a dance floor and dj, a popcorn bar, the cake was amazing, and so many fun guests there to celebrate with them.
Cake time!!!
Some of Jori's family.
Popcorn Bar!! I love this idea, so cute.
Bride and Groom's first dance.
Jori's Brothers!! 2 of them anyway.
Daddy Daughter and Mom Son dance.
Bouquet Toss.
Garter Toss... except she forgot the actual garter hahah so they improvised!!
Dancing the night away!!!
LOVE this girls so much! Being an aunt is the most amazing thing in the world.
What a fun night. I am so happy for Jori and her sweet husband Kyle. Congrats and enjoy being married!!!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Our Project

Griff and I have been talking about ways to update our home for quite some time now. One project that has been on the top of our list was painting our base boards white to brighten up our house. So a week ago we decided to stop at Lowe's and buy all the supplies we needed for our painting job. Griff called his friend Stephen to come over and help him out, since I am not much help.. I can't really bend over and crouch down for long periods of time. So Steve and Griff started by taping off the base boards, pouring the paint, and going at it!! They have been really busy, for days they have been painting away and it looks AMAZING!! Our half bath is all done... other then the back side of the door. The stair case is all finished and the upstairs hall way is almost done. They started on Blakelee's room it just needs a final coat. We have many doors and base boards still but it is coming along and I can not wait for it to be all painted. It sure does make our home look more cheerful and bright!! Thank you Steve all your help with this project!! Griff you have done such an amazing job and I am so lucky to have a husband who is willing to do awesome projects like this!
What a difference :)
Love how it is looking!!!

Griffin's 24!!

On August 5th we all met over at my moms house to celebrate Lindsay and Griffin's Birthday. My mom made enchiladas for dinner and had delicious cupcakes for dessert. Then we opened gifts, Lindsay got lotion, a candle, and pink pants. Griffin got a gift card to Uinta Golf!
Next we celebrated Anniversaries.
Lindsay and Zach's is on August 6th, and ours is on August 24th so my parents gave us a Willow Tree Statue. Lindsay and Zach got 2 little girl statues. We got a mom who is pregnant with the dad by her side statue. I love it!!

On Griffin's actual Birthday August 11th, We met at my parents and I gave him his gifts. He got an orange puma shirt, and some cupcakes!! We went to dinner with his family to Dickey's BBQ Pit, then over to his families for more gifts! He got a couple shirts, money, Texas Road House gc, and a cookie.
He sure had a good birthday. It went by way fast, I can't believe that he is 24!! 
I love you Griff and am so happy that I have been there with you for so many of your Special Birthdays!!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Jori's Endowment Night

One of my Best Friends Jori was able to get endowed on August 2nd in the Jordan River Temple. It was such a special night for her!! Her family and friends were there to support her and enjoy this amazing night with her. After the endowment we went to Mimi's Cafe for some dinner and dessert.
Congrats girl!! I am so happy for you :)

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

My First Baby Shower!!

On July 28th my cute friend Lara through me my first baby shower!! It was SO well done and SO much fun. She completely spoiled us. She had a yummy lunch and some super fun games for us to play.
One of the games was a candy bar game, not like the diaper one, you have to match certain candies to a pregnancy term... for instance, epidural was Life Savers!! So cute!
We also played "Who knows Mommy the best" my mom won. It was so fun to see some of the answers.
Present time!!!
We sure made a haul. Everyone was so generous!!
We got lots of cute outfits, Binky's, sippy cups, burp rags, diapers, wipes, bows, towel, lotion, baby wash, and a mattress!! Thank you to everyone!!! Everything will be used lots and lots!!!
Hand made towel with a hood from Dayna!!! So Cute!!!
This is a super cute Car Seat cover from my friend Court!! Holy Moly we love it!
Love little Beau Man.
Not only did Lara throw such an amazing shower she gave me lots and lots of gifts!!!! Loved it all.
My mother in law is giving us our Crib Mattress she wrote a cute coupon good for one mattress!!
What a fun day I am so excited for everything we got and can't wait to use it. Such a great first shower.