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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Extra Space

Christmas Party at Zoo Lights!
 Griffins work put on a Fabulous Dinner! When I say Fabulous I mean it. They had Steak Pretty sure around 14oz, Yummy Potatoes, Veggies, oh and Home Made Ice Cream with a Delicious Brownie!!! His Boss had all the Team Leads stand up and say a few words about their team, once they were done he had Griff stand and Paid him a Compliment for being a great teacher for the new employees!! Griff is so good at what he does.
 When we were full and the dinner party was over we walked around the Zoo to look at all the
Fun lights!! They did a great job it looked amazing.
While walking around we didn't see to many animals out... We were hoping to see more. Really the only animal out were the Tigers... oh this sign was the Highlight of our night haha!! 
 The Killer Tiger.. the music was coming out of this big box and we all are pretty sure the Tiger was not a fan of it!! Yeah he was pretty scary looking...
 We had a blast :D Just glad that we didn't have to pay to get in!
The lights were amazing Thank you Extra Space.
 Love, The


Chritmas Party!! 

 Meet my Owner!! It was a 50, 60, 70s Dress up &....
 Poker Night. Sportclips always has a Christmas Party, Usually with just the location you work at. This year my owner, Duke, wanted to get all the locations together. So we all put our thinking caps on to hopefully come up with a FUN Party idea. So at one of our meeting Duke tells us he thought up a Poker Night!! He wanted something that the Hubsand would enjoy too!! Oh boy did the Husband enjoy themselfs. Griff was in Heaven. For every $200 in poker chips you got a rafel ticket, then you put your tickets in a rafel for the gifts you wanted to win. They had X-Box Kinect, Kindel, DVD Players, Blue Ray Players, Skull Candy Head Phones, and much more... To bad we didn't get to take any of these fun prizes home. Griff and I had tons of Tickets but it just was not our Lucky Night!! We had a blast Gambling for tickets not money!