"Happiness is a choice, not a result. Nothing will make you happy until you choose to be happy."

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Blake and her Food

We were so excited when we were told that we were able to start her on actual food!! So I ran to Target to pick up a good amount of different types of food. It is so dang cute when she gets so excited when we feed her!! She loves food. Every time we are eating our meals she opens her mouth and leans in hoping for a bite haha!! Poor thing... I feel so bad every time I put the food in my mouth and can not give her some. Don't get me wrong we have shared a good amount of different things off our plates with her!! She is such a good eater. It amazes me how much she will eat. Of course it can't be cold!!! Room temperature or warmed. When we feed her her baby food she does tend to make a pretty big mess... She tries really hard to take the spoon from me, with her LEFT hand, to feed herself. Yes Left!!! I am not sure if that means she will be a lefty or not... There are other things she uses her right hand for, such as: grabbing her toys, touching our faces, and rubbing her eyes. So we will see. 

1st Food Carrots 
February 17th
She did so good with the carrots. I was surprised that she loved them as much as she did!! She could not get enough of them. When I would take the spoon away to refill it she would scream at me... "hurry mom!!!" By the way don't mind the mess on her face it looks really gross haha!!

Prunes and Rice
February 28th.
With her Prunes I put rice in them so it would make her fuller, well she didn't love it at first! Lets cross our fingers she isn't a texture eater like her daddy!!! It took a few spoon fulls for her to realize it was yummy. You can see in the pictures how she eats.. She grabs my pinky finger hahaha, this way she is in control of when the spoon is in and our of her mouth. It makes me laugh because EVERY time we feed her she grabs the pinky or the spoon!

March 1st
Pea's were really tasty for her! She loved every bite right after she realized it was good. Her first taste of every food she pulls a face because she is not quite sure what it is or if it is good. I am so beyond glad that she does eat and like her veggies. It makes for a proud and happy mama.

March 5th
When I fed her bananas she was VERY tired!! She was pretty much all ready for bed, just missing her night bottle. So as you can tell she was slouchy and not as excited. But all in all she Loved her nanners!!

We have a super awesome eater (so far) on our hands!! Hallelujah it is so nice that she will eat what we give her!! We love this baby girl to the moon and back!!
Side note of cute little things she has been doing as of late:
  • The bucking bronco- she will literally buck while you are holding her or when you sit her in her bumbo or high chair. If you don't have a good grip on her she will tip over or bonk her head! SO cute!
  • NO- It is the cutest thing when she is laying down, has the back of her head against your chest, or doing tummy time her head will go back and forth like she is saying no!! If I say no to her sometimes (not often) she will do the head shake. It cracks us up so much. She starts to giggle with it haha she knows she got mom and dad laughing!
  • Scooting- She has been scooting backwards, but now she has started to scoot in a circle!! I lay her one way and walk away, when I come back she is the opposite direction. She then will grin ear to ear at me!
  • Jumping Bean- When you hold her in the standing position on the floor or on your lap she just jumps away!! She loves it and will giggle so much with it. It must tickle her tummy. 
  • Drooling- Her shirts and soaking wet by the end of the day! She wants to be chewing on something constantly: fingers, toys, teething rings, blankets, burp clothes, and pillows. 
  • Tongue- She must be teething or just love the feeling (^^ same goes for these ^^). She will push her tongue down over her bottom gums and push it against her bottom lip. She does it over and over, it is seriously so cute!!!
  • When we are holding her or she is in her play saucer or swing, and she hears our voice or wants to see something that is away from her she will lean over and look around what ever is in her way just see what she need to see. Such as Griffin was asleep on one side of the couch and we were sitting on the other side. She leans all the way around me cranks her head just so she could see his face to see what he was doing, then she smiled!! What silly girl.
She is perfect!!! Love all her new little things she is doing. Her personality is shinning through more and more!

Friday, March 8, 2013

What's New??

  • We are doing some work on our home such as: STILL painting base board (since Blake's was born that has been put on hold), Putting knobs on the cupboards, still working on Blake's room, and wanting to change our kitchen color from red to teal. I can not wait to get all these projects going and done!!
  • I am still working for SportClips Haircuts, I am there only 4 days a week now. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday. When I was working 5 days I just felt like I couldn't get anything done around the house, no errands were getting done, and of course I missed my baby girl.
  • Griffin is working a lot, he is doing coaching now!! He works every day but Wednesday and Sunday. I feel like I never see him because he will work close to 12 hours almost every day. But I am SO Thankful that he is willing to put in extra hours so I can have more time to be mommy! We love and miss him when he is not home.
  • Blake's is 5 months old and we are hoping to get 6 month pictures booked soon. I want to take some of just her, our family, and 4 generations. I can not wait!!!
  • We are trying to think of something little but fun for her to celebrate her 1/2 birthday when she turns 6 months!! We will both have to work so it will have to be small. Thinking caps are on.
  • Easter is up in our house :)!! I need to start buying gifts for both Griff and Blake. Holidays this year and from here on out will be the BEST!!!!!!
  • I have started running every day. I have only done just a little over 1 mile but I will get more as time goes on. I want to get back to Post Baby Body!!
  • We want a Truck!!! I don't know when or if we will get one but it has been a conversation we have had quite a bit! Hopefully this year. That way camping will be a breeze.
  • My sister, Zach, mom, dad, and my friend Nicole have been so helpful with watching Blakelee while we work and when we have something planned. It has been so nice knowing that she is in good hands and that they are all so willing to help us out!! Thank you.
  • Griff and I have now been spending our free time better. We spend it together more since our time together is slim picking. We watch shows, go to dinner, make dinner, do massages, clean, pay bills, play with Blake, work on our projects, and hang out with the family and friends.

Our family Pictures we took Last Fall... Yes I know these are LONG over due but I thought it is better late then never!!! Love my Family!!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

5 Months

No way is Blake's 5 months old!! She is gaining such the personality. We just love it so much she gets so smiley  giddy, excited, and happy with such the simplest things ever. Such as when we walk into her room to pick her up from her crib (she flails her arms and legs all over and can't even catch her breath!!), watching us make her a bottle, playing peek a boo, when we smile at her, and laughing at and with her. 
She is SSOOO close to rolling over from her back to her stomach ! She cranks her head all the way to the side and lays on her left side, but she keeps her left leg there for support so it wont let her finish the roll. We really just hope that she doesn't do it when we are all work or not looking and we miss it... I would be so bummed out. She still rolls from her stomach to her back every once in a while but as of lately tummy time is not her most favorite unless you are right there in front of her. 
She is still very patient and such a good baby unless she is hungry, poopy, or have been ignored for to long!! She entertains herself with her toes, binky, and blankets haha!! 
She loves playing in her play saucer, swing and with her birdie toy. She will play with it for about 30 minutes until she gets bored, but it is so nice that she will play with them while I get things done. 
Blakelee has the most beautiful eyes!! Bright blue and so big and perfect. I am thrilled that she has blue eyes they will melt your heart when you see them. Her toothless grin is the sweetest smile I have ever seen. She is perfect in every way.  She loves to smile and laugh and will anytime you smile and laugh at her. She loves attention so anytime any one, but especially Griff, gives her attention she can't help but Laugh and Smile from ear to ear!! She LOVES her daddy, and has him wrapped around her itty bitty finger already!!! She is going to get what she wants every time from him! :) She is his PRINCESS.
Blakelee is still such a good sleeper!! She is such a good baby, we couldn't have asked for better!!! She loves her schedule and has made it very easy to stick with it. 
9 am wakes up for a bottle
Plays and hang out
10:30-11 Nap time
1 wakes up for a bottle
Plays and hang out
2 Nap time
4 ish wakes up for a bottle
hang out the rest of the night
8 Night routine
9 Bed time
It is pretty close to clock work with this schedule she gets tired around the same time every day. I love to snuggle her so it is getting hard to place her in her crib for nap times!! I want to just hold and cuddle her, but I cant brake her schedule I need to stay strong so she sticks with it too :).
Perfect Profile!!!
Kissable Cheeks!!
My mom painted her toes!!! Love it!! I need to re paint them. It is so fun having such a sweet little girl. Getting her all dolled up with bows and dresses is so much fun. I can not wait till she has hair and I can do her first pony tail!!! We are going to have so much fun having girls days together! We already have started them. Every Thursday and Friday we run errands together and get ready together. She loves sitting in her bumbo on my counter in the bathroom and watch me get ready for the day. She wants makeup on already, she hollers at me until I pretend to put some on her, then she will giggle.
She is still such a face toucher! Especially when she is tired. We have been teaching her "soft!!" when she does grab at the face, she use to just claw with her nails but she has gotten so much better at just using her fingers and hands not her nails (some might not think so) , but she is defiantly  learning!!! She grabs and hangs onto your chin or shirt when she gets tired, I think it is a comfort thing for her so she knows you won't leave her. She has started arching her back when you lay her in your arms when she is tired and that means so is so tired she is mad!!!
We started her on Food!!! She has had carrots, prunes, rice, peas, and bananas ! She loved all them. It turns into a mess because she wants to feed herself and so I do let her, even though she usually puts the spoon to far into her mouth and chokes, she is learning!!! When I put her in her bumbo or high chair she knows that it is food time and she gets so excited her arms are going everywhere, it looks like she is going to fly away!!
Her new thing is this cabbage patch face!! When she makes this face she goes "mmmmm" It is SO cute!!! The other day Griff started going "Mmm-Ooo-MMmm" and she started to mimic him!! Every once in awhile it is "MOM" or "MAMA" Awww any day now she will be saying the words for real!!! My baby girls is slowing saying my name, it brings tears to my eyes every time I hear it!!!
I LOVE that she can and will hold her bottle every time it is time for one. She has started to even get mad at me if I hold it for her. She lifts her hands right up to the bottle and will grab it from me to do it herself. She is getting independent!! 
She is getting so close to sitting up!! We have been working with her so much and she will balance there for a few seconds then will tip over. I think that this will be the month that she sits by her self. She is growing up so fast!!! She is now in 6 month clothes... It is sad to pack up the 3 month outfits already! But that just means we need a shopping spree since she doesn't have much 6 month clothes and jammies!!! Yay!! This little girl has stolen our hearts we miss her so much when we are at work and not with her. I don't think I can get enough of her right now. I love giving her snuggles and kisses every minute of the day. She is the light of our life's!!!!