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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

December's 1st Week of Fun

..December 3rd..
Bath time and Santa Beard
Saying Hi to her reflection!! It was the cutest thing I have ever seen.
..December 4th..
First time in the Snow!! If you can't tell... she hated it with a passion!! Probably more then her dad hates it. But She started crying right after she tipped over and fell on her bum in the cold snow. So we might have to have a round 2 and see if she ends up enjoying it more.
..December 5th..
Enjoying some yogurt for breakfast!!! Eating it the way all the cool babies are... with a straw!!
Next have some dessert after dinner... Chocolate Cookies!!! She LOVED it and devoured the whole thing.
After Griffin got off work we met Steve and Lara at the Festival of Trees. We saw Santa first and Blakelee Clung to me and clawed my back from hanging on so hard because she was terrified of Santa!!! Poor thing was shaking, so she would not let Santa hold her for the picture.
We then walked around and saw all the cool Gingerbread Houses and Trees. They were amazing!!!
(a statue of Santa was behind us and Blake kinda freaked out!)
Once we left and got into the car Griff and I were cold so our teeth were chattering, Blakelee was trying to copy us! Hahah!
..December 6th-8th..
Griff, Blake, and I headed down to St. George for a Softball Tournament. It was not a warm vacation at all!! In fact it snowed. 
The first night they had 2 games but only played one because the other team didn't show. I was not mad at all!! I was thrilled to get back to the condo that we were staying in and warm up. Griff's friend Chad brought me and his girlfriend Taylor a propane heater so we could stay warm during the games. So Blakelee actually was not cold at all!!
The next day the boys had another game early in the morning. We dropped Griff off at the field and went to get some breakfast at kneaders. This was the snowy day... During their first game the field got slowly getting covered with snow!! So the second game was snowed out so they didn't have to play, and they were happy!!! We then went to get some lunch with the whole team. Afterwards we went back to condo and just hung out. While Blakelee was sleeping everyone went to get a movie and goodies for the night. So we watched the Internship!!
.The boys cheering on the RSL.
.Taylor and I cheering on our boys.
.Looking good babe.
In the morning on Sunday we headed home!!! The vacation went by way to fast... they always do!!
Blakelee did amazing for the drives and slept most of the way there and home!! She was thrilled to be home to say the least!