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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Thrill....

The Bland girls ( Minus Meg... :( ) went to St. George to go see Thriller at Tuacahn!! It
was amazing. The dancers were so good They did amazing!!! When the show was over we met up with Eric to go get Fozen Yogurt, They have this super good place really close to their house. So when we get there we see many people in dance pants, sweats, and hair in pony tails. They were all dancing to the background music and all knew each other... come to find out they were the dancers from Thriller! Some might not care but I on the other hand
Found it amazingly awesome!!!! I was eating yogurt with the Odyssey Dancers from
the huge production Thriller :D!!!! WOW!!! Flexible... Oh my!! This crazy eyed zombie came and sat right next to me...
Not only did I see it in St. Gee, Griff and I went to see it at the U of U, with Mike and his wife Hahanna. They go almost every year so they sent us the invite so of course Griff and I were stoked to go see :D

Creepy.... They did so good here as well!! I did like the performance in St. Gee better but they still did such an amazing job!! My most favorite dances were, Frankenstien, Mummy,
Scare Crow, and of course the Thriller!!!


Happy Halloween!! This year was alot of fun :D Griff and I went over to Lindsay and Zach's for some white chile and home made pumpkin pie!!
Laryssa was the cutest Monkey ever!! Not only was she a monkey she was a monkey in a Tu Tu!! <3>
She was so proud of her Candy stash and was sharring all of it with everyone,
Griff especailly!!

All the girls of the family went to Gardner village to walk around and look at all the
Fun and Cute witches!! It was so much fun. I absolutley LOVE Halloween and all the fun
Things there are to go out and do for the Scary Holiday!!

Our Halloween Party :D all our super cute friends came over to
Celebrate this Awesome holiday!! Of Course we dressed up, everyone's costume were
so perfect. We went to walmart to get Griff a costume that night because it was the only time we had.... So we get there and well the cosutmes were VERY picked
over!! So he ended up being some kind of Grim Riper!! LOL
It ended up being the highlight of the night!! When our friends came over he would hide and jump out at them to scare them.. :D

Last minute pumpkin shopping haha so funny!!! Our pumpkins were so sad looking
but yet so great!!
Our cute pumpkins!! They all turned out great.
Apple Cider... We made some yummy cider!! It was super easy yet the best ever!! All you do is heat up the cider on the stove then when you pour it into your mug you add Red Hots like 4 or 5 which is what gives the cider the spice taste!! Poor Steve knew it was steamy hot yet he just wanted to taste it, so he tried to take a
little sip but it burned all his mouth... So we all learned real fast to
let it cool off alot before we drank the festive drink!!Love dressing up!!