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Friday, January 11, 2013

Happy 9...

...Year Anniversary to Griff and I!
This is about our life together!!
We have been together 9 years, wow times goes so fast.
We were 15 years old in High School, when  had our Spanish class together it was so much fun having the class together! We would do assignments together, speak Spanish to each other (what we knew haha) and of course Flirt. December 19th there was a few of us going to the movies that night to kick off our Christmas Vacation. We decided to see Stuck on You. When we got to the movies I only had a baggie of change to pay for my ticket.. ghetto I know!! So Griff paid for my ticket because he hates change. In the movie Griff and I were both wanting to hold hands, but you know when your young and don't want to make the first move because your not sure if that someone really likes you? Yea that is how we both felt. So finally after half the movie Griff held my hand! It put a huge smile on my face. Throughout the remainder of our Christmas Vacation we saw each other a lot. We had our first kiss about the 21 or 22 at our friend Courtnie's house. All of our friends were there and were spying on us haha!! We spent New Years together with our friends and then came the day we had to go back to school... bummer!!
At school Griff and I didn't act like we were together for a day or 2 because it was so new and we both were shy. Finally we figured it out and we held hands while he walked me to class. As time went on we became inseparable!! Teachers knew we were together along with the whole school. We were considered married in some peoples eyes. We went to every school dance together and have SO many memories at every single one. We also had almost all of our classes together by our senior year. If we didn't see each other for a period or 2 we felt like it was forever. I absolutely was in love with him at such a young age! We worked together at Classic Skating and had a plan for every Friday and Saturday night. If he had a boys night planned the boys just knew that I would be there too. We were connected at the hip. Best Friends for sure!!! Our "movie" was How to Loose a Guy in 10 Days, we watched it almost every weekend. Our song was You Say it Best When You Say Nothing At All. We would talk about our future and about his mission the closer it got to graduation. The future seemed so far away... but the time came and we graduated in 2006.
We went on our first vacation together to Yellow Stone with his family!! It was a blast to say the least. When the trip was over I headed off to College to start my Cosmetology Program and he started working full time. We NEVER felt like we saw each other, compared to the last 3 years!! We slowly grew apart we knew that we wanted to see each other more and more so we did the best we could but it was harder.. Griff's mission was coming faster and faster and of course we had "the talk" about if I would date or not while he was out. It was a tough decision for me to make and a tough one for him to hear when I told him I wasn't just going to sit at home for 2 years... I needed to know if he was The One. At such a young age with these hard times placed in front of you it seems like the end of the world!!! He was heart broken and I was too.. I was mad at myself but I knew that, for me, it was the right choice. As time went on we went our separate ways, May 2007, since he was going to be leaving on his mission and he knew that I was going to have the option to date. It was the hardest thing that either of us had gone through. We text a lot during our time of not being together, and we also dated other people. After a few months of not dating and not having as close of a relationship I called him. He was getting way close to his mission leave date and I wanted to make sure he left with us on good terms and as friends!! So on December 22nd (I think) I called Griff and said that we needed to talk. He was Thrilled!! So we met at the park and drove around for hours catching up on lost time!! As the night got later we said our goodbye and he gave me a hug and we went home. He then called me later that night and said he wanted to talk some more so he came over to my house and we played some guitar hero. The following week we text a few times and saw each other here and there. He finally asked me if I was going to be at his Farewell? So my family and I attended his Farewell on December 30th. He did Outstanding. Most of his talk was about things that him and I had talked about while we were dating. I balled like a baby through it all. It was so hard not to cry knowing that someone so special to me was leaving and knowing that we had missed out on some precious dating time since we both were stubborn. Griffin was leaving for his mission on January 2nd, since the 1st was a holiday they wouldn't set him apart till the morning of the 2nd. He told me he wanted to see me before he left so I waited at my house for the text.... 10pm, 11pm, 12pm.... went by finally at 1am I went over (he had some last minute visitors that he needed to leave before I came over). We sat on the couch and talked and cried for hours!!! It was finally time for me to leave, he walked me to my car gave me a hug, I kissed his cheek and off I went. He text me his mission address and asked if I would please right him. As the weeks and months went by we wrote back and fourth every week if not more, sending fun letters and packages.
His time came for him to come home. We talked a lot and FINALLY we became official again!!! My heart was never happier!!! We dated for a full year before we got married and we were married in the SLC Temple on August 24th 2010!! And had Blake's on September 30th 2012. Our married life was and is amazing. It is the best feeling in the world being married to my best friend. Everything always works itself out. It is crazy to think that we went through so much fun and hard times to get where we are right now!! I am so beyond thankful that he is my husband I don't know what I would do without him. He is the love of my life!!!
His Mission Picture
High School Lunch Time
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