"Happiness is a choice, not a result. Nothing will make you happy until you choose to be happy."

Sunday, December 8, 2013

November was good to us

..November 1..
I was finally able to wear my reindeer leggings!!
..November 2..
Out to Lunch with Lara while mommy and daddy were at work.
..November 3..
How do you keep a 1 year old happy during sacrament? Coloring.
Sleeping at Grandma Debbie's while visiting.
..November 5..
Little baby is all snug in this cold weather.
..November 7..
Loving Grandma Lonna's cooking.
..November 8..
Hanging out with our friends watching movies.
..November 10..
Cousin time.
..November 17..
Christmas Gift Expo with our friends.
Her hair is finally long enough for a little pony tail.
..November 19..
A few days prior my sister and I made a few fleece bows for our girls hair!! We saw this Turkey one and decided to make one for them for Thanksgiving!
..November 22..
Blake was in such a good mood as I was getting her ready for bed. I did not want to put her down but knew that I had to.
..November 24..
We celebrated my dads birthday with all the family! His actual birthday is November 29th but my mom had us all over for dinner and gifts. Happy Birthday Dad!!! We love you. Happy Happy Happy!!
She always is pulling her headbands off but I caught her in the act and she started laughing.
..November 27..
Every morning I go in to Blakelee's room to get her she has peed out of her diaper and soaked her pajamas... poor thing!! She has been getting a bath in the mornings also in the evenings! Lucky girl!
..November 29..
Bun and Cheetah Day!
Love baby snuggles!
November was very good to us!! Other then our house was not finished before Thanksgiving... But we had a lot of family fun and snuggles and no one can beat that.
Bye Bye November.... Hello December!!!! 
Bring on the Christmas Festivities!!