"Happiness is a choice, not a result. Nothing will make you happy until you choose to be happy."

Friday, June 28, 2013

Bland Family Portraits

On Fathers Day Griffin's family wanted to do their family pictures since everyone was in town and could get together. So that night around 7pm we all met at Gardner Village to take our pictures. My sister was kind enough to offer to take them for Much less then most photographers. She is still learning but she did amazing!!! 
What a great day taking pictures!! Blake was officially done with being good around about the 8th picture haha!! But she was still a trooper. She is now in that age where she wont sit still and she wants down when she wants down. She was a great sport all in all.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Summer Adventures

What a fun summer we have been having. This year it is so much more fun with a little baby crawling around.   It wouldn't be summer without some family time, BBQs, picnics, and much much more.
On June 9th Megan's little sister had her farewell talk before she left on her mission. Griff and I went to the talk and to the luncheon with his family. It was such a beautiful Sunday!
Afterwards we had his family over for a BBQ and to watch one of the Playoff Games in Basketball. It was so much fun. It was a byom... translation: Bring Your Own Meat!!
Everyone brought steaks. We barbecued them right up and enjoyed the game.
These two were so giggly because Aunt Whit was playing with them!!
On June 13th I picked up my nieces and took them to the park for a picnic. We stopped to get McDonald's and headed over to the West Jordan Park. They had a blast!!!!
My friend Caitlyn and her little boy and girl she nanny's came and met us there. It was a party!
June 15th was a girls night out. Lara and I went to the Black Bear Diner for some breakfast then back to my house to watch Pretty Little Liars!!
It was a beautiful night with the most amazing sunset.
Little Blakelee loves her baths!! She could bathe 3 times a day... just like her mommy!!! I love summer baths, the sun is still out and Blake's is just so cute and fun to watch while she plays.
June 18th we gave her her first taste of meat!! I am not sure but I don't think she was a huge fan!!! I almost had to trick her into eating it. I would give her a taste of applesauce then every once in awhile I would through a bite of meat in there. She would give me such a nasty look. I am going to keep introducing them to her so hopefully she learns to enjoy it.
What kind of summer would it be without running. I have just recently started running more and more. I have never been the biggest fan of running but a ton of my friends run and Griff will even run with me. I run 3-4 times a week with a mix of people. It is so fun and amazing to see the progress!! I would be winded when only running a mile and now I can knock out 3 miles!! It is very hard to run in this heat we are getting but I am not giving up!! Got to work of this baby weight somehow!! :D
Blakelee loves the runs (for the most part) as long as she has her bottle and the sun is not burning her legs she just hangs out in the jogging stroller!! She is such a fun running buddy!!
The 2 girls I always run with and am so happy they run with me are Mindy and Lara!! It makes it so much easier to run with a friend!!
June 19th I go into Blake's room to get her out and she is standing!! She has stood before but it is so dang cute that she is doing it more and more. She is getting to big!!!
A few nights before this I went to Quilted Bear and might have spent a pretty penny on little Blake's!!! I bought her these cute leggings and bows galore!! So on June 21 was her first time modeling them off!!
Like I have said before she loves baths!!! She has tried multiple times to get into mine!! Hahah bath thief!
June 22 was another girls night!! Both of our husbands love playing the same computer game so we plan our own girls nights when we all get together!! So we ran to Target and I got a frame for my kitchen then we went on night run!!! Love our girls nights!
This morning of the 24th Blake's was asleep folded in half!! When she finally woke up we put tons of lotion on her dry cheeks and she thought it was so funny!! She was in the best mood.
June 25th we went to watch daddy play Basketball with his work buddies!! Blake's usually sleeps the whole time but she didn't want to miss any action this night so she was awake to cheer him on.
Just this morning June 27th I took Blakelee to her 9 month check up. They had to give her a shot for Hepatitis and prick her big toe to check her iron level. Everything was great other then the tears from then needles... I almost cried with her. She is doing great and growing great!!
Head is 25%
Weight is 18 pounds 50%
Height is 28 inches 75%

So far so good on our summer and we can not wait for more adventures to come our way!! Summer is the best time of the year!