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Monday, May 13, 2013

Cinco De Mayo...

...We went over to the Blands for a fiesta!!! 
They had tacos, chips and salsa, and Mexican rice. 
(don't judge me it was a relaxing Sunday haha!!)
Our sombrero dessert!!
This Cinco De Mayo was done right!! :)

Crystal Hot Springs

On May 3rd my family went to Crystal Hot Springs to go camping. I am only able to take 1 Saturday off a month so I was not able to camp with them... bummer!! So instead I drove up on Friday morning with them, set up camp and hit the hot pots. We absolutely love this place. It is close by, not to expensive, warm hot pots for the spring campers, and full hook ups for the trailers.
We got the girls all ready in their swim suits. Blake had this HUGE swim diaper on! They don't make them any smaller haha so she was Steve Urcling it!
Love baby Jae and her swim floaters.
Blakelee and I swam in the hot pots for a little while she was getting a bit toasty so I got her out and she was SO ready for a nap... but everyone had just gotten settled to play in the hot pots. So we tried many ways to get her to sleep. Laying her down under towels, holding her, and finally she fell asleep in the car seat. She was only asleep for about 30 minutes.
After a few hours we went back to camp to have some dinner and met all our friends who were joining us to camp. Debbie and Kelly Donaldson with their family, Cathy and John Kay with their family, and Russ with the boys (Lisa came up the next day).
Dinner was fabulous. Camping dinner is always so much better!!!!
Blake and Kyrie loved playing in the pack and play. Although Blakelee was a little bully hahha!! Every time Kyrie had a toy Blake would lean and reach to take it from her.
Once dinner and dessert was over we all headed back down to have a little longer in the hot pots!! They are so nice to relax in. We then headed back up to camp to shower. When I got out everyone was out at the fire roasting Marsh mellows.... but I had a 2 hour drive home and it was after 9pm, so I was not able to stay... Bummer!!!! The camp fire is seriously the best thing about camping.
So I packed up me and Blake and hit the road. She was out before we left the campsite, she was exhausted. I made it home right around 11pm and we both hit our beds!!!
Such a fun day!!!