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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Luncheon JSM Building

We had our Luncheon at the Beautiful JSM Building Downtown. Griff and I were out on the Temple Grounds taking all our pictures with Ryan we asked him how we were doing on time and he said we will take these last shots and head in for lunch.. you guys will be right on time!!! Wow he had us in and seated right as we wanted to start. The Building is so amazing I love everything about it.

The Head Table!! Little did everyone know how nervous most of us were making sure we were all prepared to give our talk about the wedding and what not.. I know I was a nervous wreck I could barely get my lunch down I didn't even touch my dessert until after I was all finished and sitting down again!! It was so amazing to hear the famlies talk about Griff and I growing up together.. I can't believe that we have known each other and the famlies since we were 15. How crazy, Time sure does fly!!
The Parking Voucher Table!! Look at those amazing flowers, Wow Kudos to Jody Smith. She out did herself with our wedding!! The flowers were a hit Everyone loved them!! I was so heart broken when my boquet starting wilting and could no longer save them... Good thing we have MANY pictures to remember how beautiful they were! :D

Next to our plate there were these adorable goodies!! Debbie and Scott suprised us with these delicous treats!! How cute is that? Everyone was so impressed with them!

All of our cute Famlies and Friends who came to celebrate our special day with us!! They took the time out of their busy lifes and time off work to come and have such a great day with Griffin and myself.. I just LOVE everyone for it! Griffin's Brother's and Sister's
Also our friends Ely and Shelbi

My friends and Sister, Brother-in-law, and Cutes Neice in the world!!

Grandparents and Family!

Close Family Friends :D

Our adorable Families!!

My Family!!! <3

Married SL Temple

Forever & Always <3

On August 24, 2010 Griffin and I went to the SL Temple to get married. It was the best day of our lives, It went to fast! The Temple is amazing I loved every minute of it!! As we were waiting to walk out of the doors we looked out the window and saw all our close friends and family waiting to see us as a married couple :D. As we were going to walk out our photographer told us to be careful not to trip over the first step right out the door... which made the walking in high heels part even more tricky! Well we made it out and heard all the cheers it was so amazing!!

I am now offically a Bland I felt like a Bland for 6 years so it is so amazing to be called Kristin Bland!!!

We could not have asked for a better day. The weather was perfect, and everything turned out excatly how we planned. Our Photographer was the best out there!! He made sure we were on time for everything but still got the most perfect shots of everyone. Thank you Ryan for all your time and energy for our wedding day!!