"Happiness is a choice, not a result. Nothing will make you happy until you choose to be happy."

Monday, January 24, 2011


...Just Wanna Have Fun!!!
My cute girl friends and I try to get together once a month at least.. It is difficult sometimes to work with every ones busy schedules.
But this month we all played Kinect and had yummy Pizza at my house.
Courtney, Cortney, Brooke (Cort's cute baby girl), and Laura all came!!!
 We sat around eating Pizza for a while so we could all catch up..
It had been far to long since we had all hung out!
 Time to play Kinect Dance Central!
Lets just say my friends are the BEST!!!!!!
When ever we get together we always are Laughing till we cry.
They always will turn your day into the best.
Dancing the night away!!!!

 Once we were done dancing we played some sports.
Ping pong and everything else!!
 Trying to beat Court at Racing... Not a chance lol!!
Her legs are much longer then mine are.

 More Laughs :D
 By the time we decided to take cute pics Cortney and her Little one had left.. Dang!!!
Best Friends Ever!!!

 We were pooped from playing and running around so we decided to get Courtney addicted to Pretty Little Liars!!!
Laura and I already are.
So Ice Cream and Pretty Little Liars
It was the Cherry one top of a Fun Night!!!
Love you girls you are the Best!!!
Until next month...