"Happiness is a choice, not a result. Nothing will make you happy until you choose to be happy."

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Our new Wall Decorations!

Yay we finally got the pictures we wanted and cute frames so we could hang these pictures up.
I love that we have space to hang more things up, next we are hanging some more shelf's up next to our clock!!
 This Bathroom will be coming together here soon. I will be making the BATH blocks with the Black and White Floral paper and hanging up a beach oil painting once we get it framed!

Our Master Bath is starting to come together so well!!!
I love the towel hook we have it makes the bathroom look so put together.
Now we are just going to get the vinyl above our tub that says "Soak your cares away."
Then it will be looking SO good.
The hooks in our Closet for all my scarfs...
What a good idea it opened up a drawer for us.
I love it!
There is still so much we would like to do to make our home look more homey!
I LOVE how it is all coming together :D
Next to get..
Shadow Boxes for our stairway
Floor Vase for my our front door
Vinyl above our Pantry door saying "Pantry"
Can not wait to get it all and watch our home become more warm and welcoming!

Day 29...

...Something you could never get tired of doing.
I would have to say Camping and Boating.
When it is summer and I know that we have a camping trip coming up I am like a little kid counting down for Christmas!!
We have been going to Pineview since I was very little and to Lake Powell as well..
..It is my most favorite thing to do!
Sitting around the camp fire at night roasting Marsh mellows, Sleeping out side (well in a tent but this year a trailer :D), Eating Dutch Oven Dinners, going down to the beach all afternoon and playing in the sand and water, and just enjoying the Sun Shine!!!


We are going this June and I can not even wait :D It can not come fast enough.
If I had to pick the perfect Vacation that I have been on it would be tough but Lake Powell would probably win! To bad we are not going there this year!

Also I  would never get tired of Dancing..
..When I was younger my parents put me into Baton and then Clogging, from there on I took Hip Hop and danced in the Schools dance classes. Then I decided I would try out for Drill Team and made it! I was shocked because I had never taken a Jazz Dance Class...
Dancing has been my most favorite past time, I would always dance in the Kitchen and it would make my parents very upset haha, sorry mom and dad!
I learned so much in Drill and I miss the Practice and Competition so much...
It is amazing how dancing can relax you and help you forget about all the stress in the world.
It is your time to shine when your out on that stage.
I will always love dancing even though I don't anymore.. I wish I did!