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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Savvy 2 months!!

Little Savanna was 2 months old on November 5th!! I love that she is getting a little bigger and more interactive. She is smiling like crazy and even tries to laugh. It is the cutest thing in the world. If you get close to her and just smile or say hi she will grin from ear to ear. She is such a happy girl. She is sleeping amazingly!!! She will go down between 9-10:30 and will sleep anywhere from 5-10 hours so she is only waking up 1 time a night if even. And that one time is usually around 5:30am. So I am getting some good sleep. Then I will give her a 4oz bottle and she will go back down for a few hours. Then when she wakes up she will have another bottle and hang out with us for an hour or 2 then take another nap. Her awake time is usually between 4-7pm. I will usually lay her in the boppy and she will be content for the most part. She hasn't been a swing baby and we dont have a bouncer but she will lay on the floor and watch tv or Blakelee will play with her. She gets entertained really well.
She has perfect little features! Her face is so small and round. I just love it!!! Her toes are seriously perfect. She is so small.. at her 2 month appointment she was only 10 pounds! She was not even 50% for anything. She still only takes the Nuk Binky's but she doesn't really take a Binky a whole lot anyway. She will just to calm down or when she is hungry and I am making a bottle, but she usually doesn't have it just because. Blakelee had a binky ALL the time. It was her comfort. So it is unusual for me that Savvy isn't a huge Binky baby!!! I guess that is good. Because she has learned how to self soothe and it wont be a huge problem in the future to wing her off. 
She isn't a huge fan of tummy time. She does have great head control though!!! So we are working on the tummy time workout. 
At her 2 month appointment Dr. Foster noticed that her left hip didn't rotate out as far as her right. So I had to take her to Primary Children's Hospital for an ultrasound. They checked to see if she was having an issue with her hip bone. If it was the hip then in the future she could have some hip problems and have physical therapy. But luckily it is just maturing slower then the right hip!! So the Doctor said it looks great!! Wheww!! Thank heavens.
 Miss Savvy loves to be held and rocked and loves white noise!!! 
She still is not to sure about baths, but I think she is learning to like them more and more.
She has found her voice and tries to talk and laugh. It is THE cutest thing!
She has some major Blue eyes.
Long fingers!!!
Griffin's ears, My face shape.
Skinny little thing but does have the cutest roll on her thighs!!!
Does really well in the car, unless she is starving.
Loves being in the stroller.
She is such a sweetie!!! I just love kissing her little cheeks and snuggling her. She is a doll!! I love having her in my life and Blake's loves having her baby to take care of. Blake's helps me so much with diapers, bottles, Binky, and lets me know when she is crying. She can be a sassy big sister and refuse to help me by saying "Nope!!" or will try to throw a toy at her. But we catch her right before the throw! She loves her sister to death but she doesn't like how much attention Savvy gets. 
My 2 girls are seriously the best!!

Painting Project

On November 2nd while Blakelee was napping I painted the side table, that Griffin made in High School, pink and added handles to it as well. Savvy laid in her car seat all bundled up outside with me while I painted it. I love how it turned out!!! It fits in her room perfectly. She loves it and loves that she can open it with the handles! Blake's room is coming together slowly but surely!! I have some things that will go on her walls just need to do it.
My little helper was so good!!!

Baby Showers

November 1st Lara and I threw a "Rain" Baby Shower for our friend Becca. She is due with her first baby girl on January 19th!! We had a great turn out. It was such a fun morning seeing these girls!
We then had some tummy time for Savvy girl... she hates tummy time. She has great head control but hates having to lift it off the floor. So she usually will just lay her head down and cry. Silly girl.
Then we had a great night in the bath and taking pictures on mommy's bed before bed time!