"Happiness is a choice, not a result. Nothing will make you happy until you choose to be happy."

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Excited for Christmas

I just love that Grin so much!!!
She is so excited about Christmas, She has been a good girl and can not wait for Santa to come visit her!!! only 2 more days yay. :)

2 Months

November 30th was Blakelee's 2 month Day!!
In the morning we went to her Dr. Appointment. She got her shots.. She did not like them of course. She was super mad at first but then calmed right down when they were done. Tough cookie!! She weighed 10.10 and was almost 23 inches long.
25% for her head
50% for her weight
75% for her length
She is going to be one tall girly!!
Blakelee is the apple of our eye, we love her so much and can not get enough of her.
She is getting so interactive.
She smiles so much and has the cutest dimple on her left cheek that really shows with those big grins.
She scowls just like Papa Scott haha.
Her left eyebrow raises a lot.
She is starting to grab things and really hold on tight, like my hair and my finger.
I love it when I feed her she holds onto my finger and wont let go!!
We have started her on a nighttime routine, around 9:30 we bathe her, feed her, and put her straight down for the night. She will sleep close to 9 or 10 hours!! (not recently because of a growth spurt she is going through). When I am bathing her she just stares at me with those big blue eyes. It melts my heart and I just stare back and talk to her.
Blake's has the sweetest little voice when we get her to talk she will make you laugh and grin from ear to ear. She is just so precious. She is starting to sort of laugh, it is only one pushed out laugh and it is the cutest thing ever. Her head control is amazing!! I hold her like a big girl when she is awake and she does so great!! Sometimes we almost but heads so I have to be quick to help her out, but for the most part she is great. She loves to sit not lay. We help her sit up all the time and she thinks she is such a big girl. She will do fabulous on tummy time but she gets bored fast... We will be working on that so she can learn to roll.
Blake's is scooting!!! I find her out of her blankets almost to the top or side of crib almost every morning because she is learning how to scoot so well. We put our hands on her feet during tummy time and she will push off and scoot forward! Good job baby girl.
She is one good baby. I have heard many times from many people how patient and calm she is. She only cries when she is hungry, needs a diaper change, or is bored. When she has something to look at she will sit or lay for a long time and entertain herself!! She lets me run errands without being fussy. Heavenly Father gave us just what we needed I don't know what I would do with a hard baby. She knows the people in her life she looks at them and smiles because she knows they are important. She still has acid reflux, poor thing, and we just got her new formula to help with spit up and to help her go potty... It is amazing how one type of formula can not be digested as easy!
I miss this little one like crazy when I am at work. She hold such a special place in both of our hearts!! Love her to pieces and can not wait to continue to watch her grow and learn.

Gardner Village Elf's

My sister, Jaelyn, Blakes, and I went to Gardner Village to see the Elf's and to pick up some Christmas Gifts for Blakelee!! We got what we needed and so we decided to get some Hot Coca while we were their.They had the best Smore Hot Coca. We got Jaelyn a yummy cookie as well.
It was a fun little outing with our babies!!!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

..Festival of Trees..

We were so excited to go to the Festival of Trees this year. So on November 28th Griff, Blakelee and I headed to the Festival. We met up with Griff's family there. Meg and I were so thrilled to be able to have our little ones sit on Santa's lap. :)
They were so cute together. Beau wasn't so sure about Santa haha, Blakes just slept!!
We walked around and saw some amazing Trees!
This Tree was made for our dear friend Tracey Martin who passed away earlier this spring.
Our friend Melissa Catmull did this tree in honor of her granddaughter's mommy who took her own life in 2010.
And this tree was done by our friend Debbie, she made this for her Husband who passed away last year.
Megan's sister Whitney did this adorable Grinch tree!!!
Round 2 of seeing Santa!!
My Favorite!!!
He was amazing.
So cute with little Blakers!
Golf Trees!!!
Griff loved it.
What a great night with the family.
Love Christmas and the spirit you feel with it.
Festival is amazing so many great trees with great meaning behind them!
It would be so fun to donate a tree one year, I might have to start with one of the little ones and work my way up to the big boys!!

Thanksgiving Day

Oh Thanksgiving one of our most favorite holidays!! The day started with our sweet little girl crying in her crib after giving us a very good night sleep!! During her feeding we watched Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Love the Parade, it is a family tradition. After wards we got all dolled up and headed to the Bland family for our first dinner at 1:00.
We hung out with the family and enjoyed each others company.
We had a very delicious dinner!! Thanks Debbie for all your hard work!!
After we all got full we loaded back up and headed to my families dinner at 4:00.
The Family :)
Daddy and Daughter...Precious!!
4 generations!!
Love this picture it will be cherished forever.
All the Girls.

When we got to my parents we all sat down for another amazing dinner!!!
Mom you out did yourself!
It is so fun to see both families for Thanksgiving.. but we were BEYOND full by the end haha!!
Laryssa and Jae loved having a cousin on this thankful day.
We celebrated my dads birthday since we were all there!!
He got a guitar :)
The girls love Griff's shoes!
Looking at the ad's.
Bath time!! I took Blake's upstairs to bathe her and baby Jae followed and wanted one too!!! So they took one together haha.
Mmm whip cream.
Our first family Thanksgiving!!!
Isn't she so darling??!!
We tease her and she is such a good girl she just laughs!!
Ready for Park City Shopping.
Her first Black Friday.
What a great day!! We love this day so much and all the traditions that come with it.