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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

..Festival of Trees..

We were so excited to go to the Festival of Trees this year. So on November 28th Griff, Blakelee and I headed to the Festival. We met up with Griff's family there. Meg and I were so thrilled to be able to have our little ones sit on Santa's lap. :)
They were so cute together. Beau wasn't so sure about Santa haha, Blakes just slept!!
We walked around and saw some amazing Trees!
This Tree was made for our dear friend Tracey Martin who passed away earlier this spring.
Our friend Melissa Catmull did this tree in honor of her granddaughter's mommy who took her own life in 2010.
And this tree was done by our friend Debbie, she made this for her Husband who passed away last year.
Megan's sister Whitney did this adorable Grinch tree!!!
Round 2 of seeing Santa!!
My Favorite!!!
He was amazing.
So cute with little Blakers!
Golf Trees!!!
Griff loved it.
What a great night with the family.
Love Christmas and the spirit you feel with it.
Festival is amazing so many great trees with great meaning behind them!
It would be so fun to donate a tree one year, I might have to start with one of the little ones and work my way up to the big boys!!

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