"Happiness is a choice, not a result. Nothing will make you happy until you choose to be happy."

Sunday, August 14, 2011

What I came home to

My adorable Husband surprised me with flowers and a card.

I have been working very hard and have been very tired so he had these gifts waiting for me with dinner all made and ready!
He is amazing!!!
Isn't that a cute card??
I love it so much.
Thank you babe you really put a smile on my face :D

Birthday Boy

A Happy Birthday to my Hubs.
He is 23... Wow!!!
Can I just say time sure does fly.

When I met Griff he was only 15..
... and now he is 23?
When did these years start going so darn fast??
They need to slow down haha.

Griff and I both had to work on his birthday, so when I got off I made a birthday banner!!
And then when he got home we started the Celebration.
Devin sent Griff a golf shirt.
He was on the phone with Dev when he opened his present.
He loved it.

Thank you Devin :D
He has already worn it!!
My turn for his presents.
I didn't know how to track down what he wanted...
... So I wrapped a card I made, and it had the gifts he wanted written down with some money in it :D
I got him golf shirts and a shag bag.
For those of you who don't know golf...
... A shag bag is a bag that holds Golf Balls.
I picked it up for him the next day!
Time to draw for dinner.
He picked Olive Garden Mmmm Yummy!!
At the Olive Garden waiting for our table.
After dinner Griff got to draw an activity out of the hat again...
... Drive in was what he picked :D
So we called my dad and asked if  we could borrow his truck for the movie.
Thank you dad!!
Drive In!!!
What a fun night.
Griffin had so much fun on his Birthday.
I'm so glad that everything turned out just perfectly.
I know I say this a lot but it is because it is very true,
I love him!!
He is my everything and I am so lucky to have him in my life!!


There is always something a car needs...
Gas, Brakes, A Wash, Windshield Fluid and Oil!
I hate paying a bundle for someone to change the oil in my car.

So my awesome dad said he would do it for me!!
So I gave him haircuts to pay him!! :D
Thank you Daddy-O!!
The car is running great.

It's Their Birthday!!

Lindsay and Griffin's Birthday was earlier this month.

Last Sunday my mom made dinner and dessert for them.
And she invited the Grandparents.

It was such a fun evening!
So much love!!!
Time for Presents.
Ryss was having so much fun helping everyone open their gifts :D
Yay Griff got a Awning!!
We have been wanting one for camping.
My cute family gave us a Boyd's Bear for our Anniversary even though it isn't for a week more.
But thank you mom and dad!!

You're so sweet!!
It's a Bunt Cake!!
And it was delicious.

The Mini of Golf

What a fun date!!
Griff and I went to Mulligans after work last Friday and we played a super fun round of mini golf.

We hadn't been mini golfing in such a long time but we both played really good!!
I got 3 holes in 1 :D

Whooo Hole in 1!
Griffin showing off his skills.
I love him!!!
Hahah he got a little excited and hit the ball to hard...
... needless to say it landed in the water!
So he fished it out.
We had so much fun on our date night out.
After a super long week of working so much it was good to relax and laugh with my hubby!!