"Happiness is a choice, not a result. Nothing will make you happy until you choose to be happy."

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Tuesday Random's

. I no longer work for SportClips, just for the Forum/ Picture Perfect.
. So excited to have weekends off!!!
. I do not like this Beyond Freezing weather! I do not do well in the cold.
. So happy the Holidays are right around the corner, They are going to be CRAZY!!
. Still need to buy Christmas gifts... Love Hate relationship :)
. My house needs some major attention. Hopefully I am home one of these days long enough to clean.
. Groceries are top on my list this week...
. I need to go shopping for some sweaters, This is a good idea for me for Christmas for anyone who needs to know!!
. It is game time for Christmas Music :)
. Some people need to learn to tip!! It is crazy how dumb people can be!!!
. Hopefully we found our new car tonight?! Fingers crossed.
. Love my white pumpkin for Thanksgiving.
. We are in some major need of a massage! Haven't had one all year!
. Can not wait for Disneyland with my family next year. It will be SO fun!!
. I am in a baking mood! Send me some fun baking ideas.
. Family Pictures are done and we can't even wait to see them.
. Black Friday shopping is coming so fast. It is such a fun day for us.
. Our new mattress is amazing!! Sleep is my best friend.
. My new addiction is Pinterest. So many cute Ideas.
. Holly Molly Halloween is over! This year is flying by!!!
. My nieces are the cutest little babies ever! They are getting so big.
. It is officially Hot Coca time!! At least 1 a week! :D
. Time to take Halloween down and put Thanksgiving up!
. Need to buy Griff some new clothes soon!! He hates spending money on clothes.. Need to change that!
. Crazy to think this is our 2nd year of Holidays being married!! Love it but it is hard to juggle everything sometimes!
. Pretty Little Liars and One Tree Hill need to be back on TV ASAP!!! Miss my TV drama!
. Love that the Messy Hair is in!! Pony's and Braids! My Fav!
Love, KB