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Monday, July 11, 2011

Gifts, Cake, and Family

The Sunday after my Birthday Griff and I went over to my families for my Birthday Dinner and Gifts.
My Grandparents came over and we celebrated!!
Time to Open my presents.
My "I know what you got me." Face!!
And I was right!!
It is a scrapbook organizer :D
Finally I have been needing one.
You Spoiled me Mom, Dad, Lindsay, Zach, and Ryss!!
And Thank you Grandma and Grandpa for the lotion and Money!
Laryssa Saying bye to Uncle Griffin with a big Kiss!!!
Pineapple Upside Down Cake!!!!
Thank you mom for my yummy birthday cake.
Next over to Griffin's Families to Celebrate mine and Eric's Birthday!
Whit gave me some Super cute shoes :D
And Debbie gave me some good smelling hand soap and a cute scarf.
Lets just say she spoiled me!
2 Birthday Parties in one evening!!
2 Cakes
and 2 amazing families!!
Thank you for everything everyone!
You are all amazing :)

.Stadium of Fire.

On July 2nd we went with Griffin's family to the Stadium of Fire.
We usually get to go every year!!
Thank you Scott and Debbie for treating us to such a great night out!!!!
If you have never been to Stadium of Fire it is a must on your bucket list.
It is usually blasting hot, but it is seriously one of the funnest summer concerts to go see.
This year they had David Archeletta and Brad Paisley.
They were phenomenal!!!
Before they performed they have sky divers they land right in the stadium, and they have a tribute to our troops, they have these very loud planes that fly over the stadium as well.
It is such a fun show.
These are the Stadium of Fire Dancers!!
They were so fun to watch.
Enjoying the fun night with my Griffin Babe!!!
He is amazing.
I love American Idol finalists, they can really sing!!
Shelbi Girl!
Wow now he sure knows how to put on a good show.
He is fantastic :D
and not to mention good looking!!
It was still so hot even when the sun was set...
.. so we bought everyone a frozen lemonade.
The Firework show!!!
It was so fun to watch!!!
Love fireworks and I even love them more when I'm watching them with my Hubby!!!
All the Blands after the show.
Not only did we go to have a fun night out for the 4th we were Celebrating Eric's Birthday!!
Hope you had such a fun night Easy E!!!
We love ya!!!