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Monday, October 11, 2010

Reception The Woods on Ninth

We had our Reception at The Woods on Ninth! It was the best night ever :D They were amazing our Wedding Planner was Sarah she did such a great job making our night Stress Free. We got to the Center at 4:30 to get everything set up and looking fabulous! At 5:00 Ryan came to take the family Pictures!!

Jody did the best job on our flowers Everyone was Raving about them :D I absolutley loved my colors and how everything came together!! Thank you Jody I wish flowers never died!!

Getting the families all ready for the big night, Love them!! Coming down from the Brides Room after getting all freshened up from our Day!! Griffin was so sweet making sure I had everything I needed for the night and making sure I was having the best time ever!! I love my husband xoxo

Laryssa thought our Wedding was all about her :D she is such a sweetie she was loving every minute of the attention.
Wow Ryan thank you for the amazing work you did!!! Such a great job. Our families are so amazing and we love them so much. Thank you for all your support for us and love!! You guys made our day the most perfect and special day, we will never forget it!! Everything turned out better then we ever imagined!!

We had a line, which ended up being perfect because so many people came I don't know how we would have said our Hello's to everyone if we we not in a line!! Sarah came and brought us all glasses of water while we were thanking everyone for coming. It was perfect we were all so parched!! My cute sister came up to us about 20 mins into the night and said "Your line is to the middle of the parking lot you might want to scoot your line up to the Gazebo" So we moved up to the gazebo and continued our greetings!! Out DJ Jesse came to me latter and said "You have 10 mins until 8:00 and your line is still very long what should we do?" So at 5 mins to Griff and I and our parents made our way down the line to say our thank yous and then made our way inside to continue our FABULOUS Night!!

The mess!!!! Haha Our brothers and sisters and close friends made our car so cute!! They did such a good job! Most people destroy the car but they didn't! There were Condoms on the shifter, and blown up with glow sticks in them :D it was so funny!! Oh the writing on the window was Hillarious!! Gong!! Hanky Panky!! You guys rock thank you for making the night so great!!
We had the best night ever here!!!

Our Yummy Candy Bar!! My cute mom did the best job ever getting all the candy to match our colors!! This was the highlight of the night for all the sweet tooth friends who came!!!
Cake!!!! Time to cut our cake, We came inside to cut our adorable cake and realized my parents were no where to be found so I told Sarah and she said "Don't do anything till I find them!!" So she came back about 2 mins later so it was time!!! Griff and I were trying to figure out the best way to cut the cake! Once we had a piece we feed it to each other... I was told since I was 15 that I can not shove the cake haha so I didn't but I did put a little frosting on his cheek and Kissed it off!! :D Griff was so sweet and just cutely feed me the cake!Boquet Toss!! We were going to have it outside on the Balcony but our DJ was inside and was playing "All the Single Ladies" and we wanted to hear the music!! I had to be careful not to hit the Lights as I tossed my Flowers so I ended up throwing it not far enough and it landed on the floor :) but my best friend Jori fought for it and got it!!!

The Garter Fling!!! Griffin was so cute, everyone was yelling "take it off with your teeth!!" he was laughing so hard I loved it!! So once he got it off he Flung it to the Boys and his buddie Clifton caught it, not only didn he catch it he jumped up and tapped the lights :D

My Daddy Daughter Dance!! So great, I love my daddy so much he is my everything!Mom Son Dance!! They were so funny Spinning and Dipping each other!

Our first dance!! We danced to "Your the Love of my Life" By Jim Brickman!! It was so great I absolutley love him!! I guess the 6 years 8 months of dating payed off!! Look where we are now... We have had our hard times and struggles but all those have made us so much stronger and our love grow so much more!! I am so thankful that he is in my life and will be FOREVER!!
Dancing for everyone!! It was such a great time everyone got out on the dance floor and shook their booties!! My cousin was having the time of his life. I am amazed at how many people stayed and enjoyed the night with us!
Our Yummy cake!!! Good thing we had Sarah save our top because otherwise we would not have gotten any of our cake!! It went so fast :D

More dancing!!
Time to Leave!!! Our DJ played "Tonights going to be a Good Night!" as we walked out of the Reception Center!! Everyone was still there :D Wow I was so happy they all stayed! They were blowing Bubbles at us it was so fun!!!Griffin and Luke by our car with a present the Luke gave us!!!

Cleaning up the mess lol!!! So that we could get into the car!!
Saying our Good Byes before we left and ended our pecfect day ever!!!
And we are Off!!! Best Day of our Lifes and we will NEVER Forget how amazing the Temple was or the Luncheon or the Reception!!! Loved every minute of it and wish we could have this day over and over again!!!