"Happiness is a choice, not a result. Nothing will make you happy until you choose to be happy."

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Fathers Day

For Fathers Day we went to Church with my family, after sacrament all the fathers got a cookie!! My dad had to teach sunday school so we all went to support him. Once done with church we went back to my parents for some food. We had Grandma and Grandpa Anderson over and ate a really yummy turkey dinner at about 1:30. Then we did gifts!! My dad got a nice watch, gift cards and much more, Zach got a propane tank for his BBQer, and Griff got some tees for golfing and I gave him a gift certificate to go buy some fun things at Unita Golf. If you can't tell he loves to golf!! 
We decided to celebrate my Birthday this day because on my Birthday my parents would be out of town... So I got some clothes, jewlery, and a purse!!! After all the gifts we done and we said goodbye to the grandparents the boys put golf on and everyone fell asleep!!! We then woke up and headed to Griffin's families house.
For Fathers Day for Scott we got him a hammock!! He loved it, we all went out and tested it out. Man it is super comfy and relaxing!! We sat around chit chatting then headed down stairs for movie night.
It was a great Fathers day!! I love my dad and Father in law they are amazing. I am so blessed to have so many amazing guys in my life. Griff has some awesome fathers to look up to. I can not wait for Griff to be a dad. He will be such a great one :D

Sunday Snowbird

Griff and I went to meet up with our good friends Steve and Lara at Snowbird. Lara's family was spending a few days there in a super nice condo. We headed up on June 10th. It was so cold!!! I am so glad that I had my jacket. The boys went on a hike up the mountian and slid down some snow patches hahah boys...!! Mean while Lara and I just hung out on their deck chatting,eating some goodies bunddled in blankets watching the boys hike up the mountain. When the boys got back we played yatzee, Next thing we know it is time to head to Griffs parnets house for some dinner. So we say bye and head out.
What a fun Sunday up the mountain. I love days like this!!

7 Peaks!!

June 8th the girls went to 7 peaks!! It was a really fun day. When we got there we had to search for a spot to lay our towels... it was very busy. We bought the City Pass and I guess so did the whole Salt Lake City!! They almost ran out of tubes for everyone. We did get 3 tubes!! The first thing we did was take Laryssa to the kiddy area. There was a little slide that she wanted to go down so her and Lindsay went up the stairs and I stayed at the bottom so I could catch her. Well the water slide was much faster then I was thinking... She got the bottom and water got in her face and she got very nervous but I did pick her right up and dried her face. She told me she didn't like the slide...
Next over to the wave pool. We stayed in there for a long time! It was so relaxing and the water was perfect temperature. After the pool we went and layed out. It was very toasty this day so I had to be the shade for most of the laying out because I was getting way to hot!! We drank a lot of water this day. Lindsay wanted to go down some of the bigger slides but I couldn't because of the little one in my tummy, and my mom isn't a huge fan of the slides. So Lindsay took Ryss to see some of the smaller slides so that they could go down together but Laryssa decided they were all to big. We then just decided we had been there for a few hours, I was feeling sick, and we were ready for lunch. So we left and ate some lunch in there picnic area. We then headed home for a nap!!

The Little Gym

On Monday June 4th my cute little nieces had there end of the year gymnastics performance. Laryssa's was first, she did just an amazing job showing off all her tricks!!
The Introduction..
The Balance Beam...
She gets very nervous walking up so high but she did so good!!
The flip off..
Flipping on the bars...
Love my mom!
Teaching them a back bend/ back flip...
Her award!!!! Yay!
Her little buddy.
After Laryssa's perforance Lindsay the girls and I went to Cafe Rio for some lunch because Jaelyn's performance didn't start for an hour or so!
We then went back to the Little Gym so see all of Jaelyn's Tricks!!
She started off with bells...
Her cute friends!
Baby core work...
She did many other things but my camera almost died.. So I didn't get it all!! Dang it!
But yay she got her cute award.
Loved watching them it was such a fun day to be with my family.