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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Fathers Day

For Fathers Day we went to Church with my family, after sacrament all the fathers got a cookie!! My dad had to teach sunday school so we all went to support him. Once done with church we went back to my parents for some food. We had Grandma and Grandpa Anderson over and ate a really yummy turkey dinner at about 1:30. Then we did gifts!! My dad got a nice watch, gift cards and much more, Zach got a propane tank for his BBQer, and Griff got some tees for golfing and I gave him a gift certificate to go buy some fun things at Unita Golf. If you can't tell he loves to golf!! 
We decided to celebrate my Birthday this day because on my Birthday my parents would be out of town... So I got some clothes, jewlery, and a purse!!! After all the gifts we done and we said goodbye to the grandparents the boys put golf on and everyone fell asleep!!! We then woke up and headed to Griffin's families house.
For Fathers Day for Scott we got him a hammock!! He loved it, we all went out and tested it out. Man it is super comfy and relaxing!! We sat around chit chatting then headed down stairs for movie night.
It was a great Fathers day!! I love my dad and Father in law they are amazing. I am so blessed to have so many amazing guys in my life. Griff has some awesome fathers to look up to. I can not wait for Griff to be a dad. He will be such a great one :D

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