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Saturday, June 30, 2012

7 Peaks!!

June 8th the girls went to 7 peaks!! It was a really fun day. When we got there we had to search for a spot to lay our towels... it was very busy. We bought the City Pass and I guess so did the whole Salt Lake City!! They almost ran out of tubes for everyone. We did get 3 tubes!! The first thing we did was take Laryssa to the kiddy area. There was a little slide that she wanted to go down so her and Lindsay went up the stairs and I stayed at the bottom so I could catch her. Well the water slide was much faster then I was thinking... She got the bottom and water got in her face and she got very nervous but I did pick her right up and dried her face. She told me she didn't like the slide...
Next over to the wave pool. We stayed in there for a long time! It was so relaxing and the water was perfect temperature. After the pool we went and layed out. It was very toasty this day so I had to be the shade for most of the laying out because I was getting way to hot!! We drank a lot of water this day. Lindsay wanted to go down some of the bigger slides but I couldn't because of the little one in my tummy, and my mom isn't a huge fan of the slides. So Lindsay took Ryss to see some of the smaller slides so that they could go down together but Laryssa decided they were all to big. We then just decided we had been there for a few hours, I was feeling sick, and we were ready for lunch. So we left and ate some lunch in there picnic area. We then headed home for a nap!!

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