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Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Little Gym

On Monday June 4th my cute little nieces had there end of the year gymnastics performance. Laryssa's was first, she did just an amazing job showing off all her tricks!!
The Introduction..
The Balance Beam...
She gets very nervous walking up so high but she did so good!!
The flip off..
Flipping on the bars...
Love my mom!
Teaching them a back bend/ back flip...
Her award!!!! Yay!
Her little buddy.
After Laryssa's perforance Lindsay the girls and I went to Cafe Rio for some lunch because Jaelyn's performance didn't start for an hour or so!
We then went back to the Little Gym so see all of Jaelyn's Tricks!!
She started off with bells...
Her cute friends!
Baby core work...
She did many other things but my camera almost died.. So I didn't get it all!! Dang it!
But yay she got her cute award.
Loved watching them it was such a fun day to be with my family.

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