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Thursday, December 19, 2013

December's 2nd Week of Fun

..December 9th..
 Blakelee and I went to Lindsay's house in the morning before I went to work, to paint salt dough hand prints and ornaments. While they were baking Jaelyn and Blake watched Bubble Guppies together!
Hand Prints
Jaelyns', Blake's, and Laryssa's
Blakelee didn't quite get it... I showed her that you paint them then next thing I know it is in her mouth!! She thought it was a cookie... Nasty cookie!!!!
My attempt in painting her hand print... Hahah!!
..December 11th..
We have still been without a stove an oven until a few days ago so our cute neighbor brought us some dinner. It was kneaders and she even got us Christmas Cookies. Blakelee LOVED them!!
..December 12th..
Christmas Shopping but my shopping buddy needed a nap!!! She is pretty right on with her schedule so when we are out during nap time she is either ornery or will try to fall asleep, only if she is in her car seat or crib. So luckily we were driving!! She crashed for a good 45 minutes... So I just hung out listening to Christmas Music in the car until she woke up. We then finished shopping with our friend Lara who met up with us and had lunch at Zupas.
..December 13th..
My dad had is work party at the Hospital so Blake and I picked up my mom and met my dad there. They had a gingerbread cookie station, and an ornament decorating station. We did both. Blakelee loved the Gingerbread man!!! She wanted to do it herself but it was far to messy in public!!! So my mom helped her out.
Round 2 trying to get a picture with Santa!!! She wouldn't let me give her to him and started to shake and grab my shirt for dear life!
After his party my parents took Blakelee home for a sleep over while Griff and I went to my work party down in Orem. We met everyone at Los Hermanos Mexican Restaurant for dinner and gift exchange then over to  Sports Comedy Club just down the street for a good laugh. Duke was brought on stage to be part of a bit!! Hilarious!
..December 14th..
We had a cookie party with Steve and Lara. I went over to their house right after work to help Lara bake the cookies since our oven was not use able yet.. Afterwards we went back to our house so we could put Blakelee down for bed. Then fun began!!
The boys went and got pizza, and once they were back we started Christmas Vacation and frosted the cookies. It was so fun!! Lara brought so many fun frosting and sprinkles!!! Even the boys had fun making different things out of the cookies haha... Aka the bell became Homer Simpson lol! They sure have an imagination.
Working on Homer!
Our cookies.
Such a fun night!!!
..December 15th..
Blakelee had a morning bath and was in the best mood ever!!!
Afterwards she helped me wrapped some more gifts. She loved the ribbon and took it everywhere with her throughout the house.
She has been getting 12 days of Christmas and was given a stocking that she could color. She is still to little to understand but she sat there for a few minutes coloring then she tried to eat the markers!! So she was done haha!!
That night we put up all of our Christmas!!! I was probably like a little kid!! So happy that our flooring was put in and that we were able to finally have somewhat of a kitchen back. Still not all the way finished but little by little it is coming together!!!
Little Blakelee loves the tree and the minute she saw it on with all the ornaments she pointed and said "OOoooooo" and immediately wanted to touch every ornament!
Our cute little Elf watching to make sure Blakelee is a good girl for Christmas!
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas in the Bland Home!!!!