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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Goblin's in the Valley...

Last weekend we went to Goblin Valley!!
It was so much fun.

We headed out around 5... we wanted to get out earlier but by the time we got our car all loaded it was latter then the original time we wanted to leave at.
We stopped in Price and grabbed some Lunch/Dinner aka Linner!!
Going with Lara and Steve on Vacation is so much fun!!!
In Price we realized that we forgot to bring firewood...
...We also then realized that we had no room for wood!!
we had to hold the bundles on our laps.
Rainbow #1.
Isn't it SO Pretty?
We got to Goblin Valley around 9pm and good thing there was a little bit of light still so the boys could set the tent up!
While they boys did that Lara and I went to check in!
Next time for a fire!!!
And time for some dinner.
We set up our little BBQ-er and cooked up some burgers and hot dogs.
Steve brought his telescope so we could look at the stars and moon.
It was so awesome.
You could see each crater on the moon!!!
We all got on our hoodies and long pants because there was SO many nasty bugs that night.
In the morning we had some cereal and Pop Tarts.
Never try cooking Pop Tarts over Coals...
... Blehhh it is so gross they taste exactly like Charcoal.
Once breakfast was done we got ready and headed to the park to hike around the cool goblins.
I haven't been to Goblin Valley in so long.
It is so amazing hiking around!

The cute cave we found!
Amazing looking isn't it?!
We had so much fun running around, climbing up the rocks and exploring!!
We had to set a destination spot to hike to.
We made it there after we took a few breathers in the shade and drank a lot of water.
It was So hot!!!
The boys thought it was so cool to find rocks and find puddles...
.. Now lets think what would they want to do with these 2 things?
I know!!
Throw the rocks in the puddles and see how big of a splash they could make.
Hahah boys will always be boys.
That is one reason I love mine.
He is so adventurous!!
We made it to the Destination.
It was Clear on the end of the Valley!!
Super scary sitting on the edge of the rock it was a long way down..
.. But I did it and I was so happy because it was cute picture spot :D
Resting our legs before we headed back!!
Hahah Griff the Water Fountain!!!
He was jumping off almost ever rock!!
Love this girl!
And LOVE this Guy!!!
Jumping over a puddle after they threw rocks into it!! Haha!
Calming down and walking our way back to the car!
We were all very exhausted and needed more of the yummy H2o!
We went to Blondie's which is just 30 mins south of Goblin.
We got some food then headed back to camp for the night.
A few hours latter we started to make dinner.
This night we had Tin Foil Dinners!
Mmmm Delicious!
With the left over of the food we decided to make a very big one!!
Marsh mellows!!
It ain't camping without it.
Steve putting all the Pop Rock Fire Works into a big one...
... Little did we know it would explode with out us being ready.
We can laugh now because no one got hurt but in the middle of the explosion it was scary!!!
Next Steve burned his shirt from hiking..
... It got super dirty!
Rainbow #2!!!
Awe I love rainbows they are so Peaceful.
Going home day... :(
It went way to fast!
We will be going back ok Lara?? :D
We had so much fun.
The car hahahaha!!
It was so loaded and weighed down.
Even after we unloaded the cooler and ate some snacks!!
Can you Imagine the drive their?? :)
Good Bye Goblin's until next time!!