"Happiness is a choice, not a result. Nothing will make you happy until you choose to be happy."

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Fun 20-10

Went to see the most Beautiful Leaves!!
 Our New addition to our Family.
 Went to see Thriller... Twice :D
 Visited these Guys in their Home Town.
 Took Laryssa to her first time of Mini Golf.
 Dressed up for our First Halloween Party in our New House!!
 Made my first Roast Dinner...
 Thanksgiving at the In Laws.
 Married my High School Sweetheart!!!!!
Also Went to The Roof for the Proposal.

 Got Engaged <3
 Went to the Bahamas for some of our Honeymoon.
 Snorkeled for the first time in Florida.
 Got a cute Balloon animal
 Got the Xbox Kinect
2010 was a great year!! It went by SO FAST... We got engaged in April and Married in August. It made the year Fly by!
We bought our first house in Saratoga Springs it is my favorite place to be!!!
I love my Husband this year would have to be my favorite year so far.


New Years Eve we had a VERY eventful night...
Griff and I have been looking for a new car to trade mine in and we found one!!
So we get a great deal and sign almost all the paper work... as we are back getting all the money worked out we notice they tagged on an extra year to the loan!!!
WHAT?? We were not very happy... so we tell them we are not getting it if the loan is longer!
Well they said they couldn't work it out...Since we were buying a car they gave us an 'entertainment pack' it had Jazz tickets, movie tickets, and Cafe' Rio Gift Card! We both were upset about the loan so I told Griff we were leaving as I put the Entertainment Pack in in m purse, then we left!!!
Dang... We really LOVED the car and had Everything unloaded out of my car to the new car, so we had to unload the new car to my car... at this time it was 11pm and we were missing our party!!!
Well like I say everything happens for a reason and maybe it was for the best!!
Once we got out of the Dealership we headed to the Donaldson's for a fun party!
 Happy New Year!!!!
2011 is here!
 Kinect! We all got the chance to play, it was SO much fun!!
 Debbie is my Second mom... and her daughter is my Best Friend!!!
Debbie was Diagnosed with Breast Cancer this year... She has gone through all the treatment and is getting Better!!! LOVE her <3
 We played Kinect Sports, it has
Boxing, Volleyball, Bowling, Track, Ping Pong, and Soccer.
 We got Volley Ball haha!! Not my sport but it was so great.
Ping Pong!! 
 Soccer... Lucky Zach!! He kicks butt at Soccer.
 Our Mascot for the Girls.. The Snowman
for the Boys... The Carrot!
 My parents Boxing lol!!
It was so funny to watch!
 New Years Day!
We had a family party in the morning and that evening we had a Memorial to attend... Our Friend Jill Dunn took her own life on Christmas eve... She has the Cutest little girl and her ex husband Family is our favorite family ever!! Jill was such a Bright and Happy girl Everyone who Knew or Met her loved her!! We love you Jill Rest in Peace, You are in a better place now. Your Daughter is loved my many and is in Great Care!! Watch over her Forever!!! 1988-2010~

Merry Christmas!!

This year was a Different Christmas for me...
It was a Great one for sure but not the same Tradition that I've been doing since I was a baby.
On Christmas Eve we usually go to Grandma Andersons for a Big Party, Well this year
they weren't feeling the best... Grandma had a bad fall a few weeks ago and really hurt her back. She has been sitting on heating pads to help with the pain.. So this year instead of the big party a few of us went over and took them dinner and gave them their presents.
 After Grandmas Griffin and I went to my Parents to spend some time with them..They gave us our gifts and we gave them theirs.
 They SPOILED us :D
 We ending up spending Christmas Eve night over at the Blands.
In the morning we all exchanged Gifts. It was a great time...
 Kinect!!!! SO much Fun!
 Yup adult presents now haha!! Love this Vacuum.
 Next... Over to Grandma Paynes for Christmas Brunch!!!
 Isn't she Precious!??
Look at that cute Christmas Outfit!!
She is so cute we just love her to death.
 More Spoiling!!!
Then we went back to my parents to hang out for a little before we went and saw a movie with the Blands.
Lets just say we saw the DUMBEST movie ever!!!
Do Not Go See 'How do you Know'!!!!
 Like I said it was a great year but different!!
We got spoiled and we got to spoil other people!!
LOVE Christmas!

xoxo <3