"Happiness is a choice, not a result. Nothing will make you happy until you choose to be happy."

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

2 Years Already

I can not believe that we have been married for 2 years!! On August 24th we celebrated 2 years. We really didn't do a whole lot. Griff has been sick since last Thursday so on our actual Anniversary I baby sat my nieces in the morning while Griff stayed home sick.. When I got home I made us a yummy breakfast dinner and we watched some of our favorite shows together. We were going to get a hotel up in Park City the next day but Griff still wasn't feeling very good so instead we ordered take out from Texas Road House and had another at home night! We didn't do much but we had time together and I loved every minute of it!!
2 years has flown by so fast, times goes by fast when you are having fun!! We have had some ups and some downs but we have grown so close and have become such a GREAT team. We are having our first baby girl this fall and we are so excited to add to our family. It has been so fun and amazing becoming our own family and making our own traditions. I love Griff so much and am so happy that we had Spanish together when we were 15 :)!!

Best Friends Reception

The day came and went for my cute friend Jori and her new husband Kyle!! They got married in the Manti Temple on the 4th of August then went and had their Honeymoon in Disneyland. On August 17th was their reception in Nephi. Jori and I have been friends since we were 7 months old!! Her mom is best friends with my mom, she use to babysit me and my sister when we were little! Jori and I have grown up together, as we got older our relationship wasn't as close as it use it be.. makes me sad!! But she is one of my best friends and I love her!! I am so happy for her and the amazing August she was able to have.
Her reception was amazing. They had it outside with a yummy dinner for everyone. They put so much work into making this such a special day. The trees had twinkle lights and pictures hanging from the branches, all the tables were decorated so cute, they had a dance floor and dj, a popcorn bar, the cake was amazing, and so many fun guests there to celebrate with them.
Cake time!!!
Some of Jori's family.
Popcorn Bar!! I love this idea, so cute.
Bride and Groom's first dance.
Jori's Brothers!! 2 of them anyway.
Daddy Daughter and Mom Son dance.
Bouquet Toss.
Garter Toss... except she forgot the actual garter hahah so they improvised!!
Dancing the night away!!!
LOVE this girls so much! Being an aunt is the most amazing thing in the world.
What a fun night. I am so happy for Jori and her sweet husband Kyle. Congrats and enjoy being married!!!