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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Thoughts of Today!!

Halloween Cuppy Cakes

Over the weekend my mom and I made some pumpkin cupcakes.
They are so good.
After the cupcakes were made you scoop out the middles and put frosting in the middle which has sunflower seeds...
... It makes it seem as if you are eating a pumpkin haha!!
Then you frost them and put pumpkin faces on them!!
Have to make the frosting orange!!
12 yellow drops and 4 red drops of food color.
They turned out so cute if I do say so myself!!

..Congrats Chris and Erin..

On October 11th our friend Chris married his Love of his life Erin!
We were able to be there all day for them.
It was such a fun day.
I love being at the Temple with Griffin it is the best thing in the world.
We have had many opportunities to be in the Temple for weddings this year and it makes me smile from ear to ear every time.

Waiting for them to walk out of the Temple.
Chris, Griff and Luke have grown up together.
It has been so great for Griff to have his friends close by and getting married!
They are married!!
Debbie and Melissa
Luncheon at Tucano's
The Best Men!!
Decorating the Car.
It turned out way cute!!
Other then both Griff and I got window marker paint on our clothes...
.. But it was a super cute turn out.
I love this Picture!!
Luke caught the Garder.
Goodbye Chris and Erin!!!
Such a fun day!!
With amazing people.