"Happiness is a choice, not a result. Nothing will make you happy until you choose to be happy."

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Crawling Blakelee!!

May 11th was a big day for Blake!! After work I had her laying on the floor playing with her toys while I was doing the dishes, I look over because I hear her grunting, and she was pushing herself from laying down to the sitting up position all by herself!! I could not even believe it. She kept doing that all night!!

Next thing I know she is Army Crawling!!! Our friends Steve and Lara were over and we all notice that she is somewhat crawling... NO WAY!!!! Steve got rash cream, haha, and started dragging it along the floor and B followed it as she army crawled!! So stinking cute.
On May 14th B had it mastered. She saw something on the other side of the room and she would roll a little bit but then the rest of the way she crawled. It amazes me at how fast she is learning everything. I love watching her scoot from one end of the room to the next. She loves it too. She will always look at me with the biggest smile on her face as if she is saying "did you see me mom!?"
I am so proud of her and can not wait for her to hit more milestones as time goes on. These 2 milestones were defiantly so fun to watch her learn and accomplish them!!

2nd Mothers Day

We Celebrated Mothers Day with my Grandma Payne on May 13th. She was given a Gift Certificate to get her nails done, a candle, and a crock pot!! Then my Grandma gave all the moms including me and my sister gifts!!! She gave us some lotion, a charm, chap stick, and body spray!! After gifts we had dinner. We did Sloppy Joe's! Mmm I do love them Slops!! Then we had Dessert, my mom made a very yummy Chocolate Lasagna (cream pudding:))!! It was So good! Thanks so much Grandma Happy Mothers, Grandmas, and Great Grandmas Day!!! :) We Love You!