"Happiness is a choice, not a result. Nothing will make you happy until you choose to be happy."

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Biggest Nightmare....

On October 16th Griff and I woke up to a house flood... Started from the bath tub and went down to the main floor to the basement. We woke up around 4:30am to find our bedroom soaked!! We heard water running so we ran downstairs and saw water pouring out of all the light fixtures and fire alarm. We were sick to our stomachs!!! Griff called his parents and they came out to help us wet vac and call the insurances. Around noonish the insurance sent some guys to tear out the carpet and flooring so everything could dry out. They even brought in dehumidifiers to help get all the moisture out of the flooring. They had to cut a huge hole in the ceiling so that the beams would dry out as well. When I saw them start to cut into the ceiling and pull the dry wall down I lost it.... I had to go upstairs and cry knowing that my house was in such a mess!
We had to wait quite awhile before they could send someone out to fix the ceiling... It all happened on the 16th of October and no one came to fix the ceiling till the 4th of November!! Blakelee and I stayed at my moms for a few weeks while Griff stayed with a buddy who lived close to his work. Once they got the ceiling fixed they put our carpet down in our bedroom so we were able to put our bed back together and could finally move back in. But they had to tear out our kitchen cabinets so that they could continue to rip out the flooring! They said that we would be able to pick out new cabinets and just pay the upgrade cost. So we did and weeks later they tell us it wasn't approved through our insurance to tear out the top cabinets so we wouldn't be able to get all new cabinetry. We are not happy to say the least... They said after they get our flooring in they will piece together our cabinets. They said that the guy who teared them out did a great job and it should be easy to put them back... Lets hope so and that they look good.
This whole thing has been a major nightmare! The guy we have been working with has been very hard to contact and very hard to get one of his guys out here to work on our house!!! No one has been out here in about a month to do anything. All because  they say we had to pick a flooring first, so we did, we picked tile and the guy messed up on our bid for the tile 3 times!! When he finally got it right it was VERY expensive so we said never mind. So they brought us some flooring options. The one we picked they said we would have to pay almost $1,000 out of pocket!!!! We said never mind. So they sent us the ones that would be covered by our insurance so we picked one. But of course they one we picked has to be ordered and it wont be till next week till it gets installed!!!! Yes that is 2 months later!!! Once the flooring gets in then he says everything else should move along pretty quick. I am so not happy with these guys and have gotten very upset with them!!! All Pro is the company we went with and let me warn you now... if you ever have a situation like this and they are one of the companies you can choose, DON'T!!! They are slower then a snail and don't care how long it takes to finish a project!!
2 months later and we don't have a kitchen, carpet pad in the TV room, no bathroom floors, and the ceiling needs to be fixed from not being done right. It has been a mess and we are feed up!!! I am so upset because we don't have a dishwasher, kitchen sink, our kitchen table got ruined from the flood!! We want to set up Christmas and get our house back sooner then Christmas Day but the rate we are moving at I don't see that happening and it breaks my heart!!! I am the biggest Christmas Lover and to not be able to decorate my house right now has made me so sad!!! I have been beyond stressed with my house and of course when it rains it pours... we had to find a new babysitter for Blakelee because my sister, who watched her every Monday and Tuesday for over a year, is going to have her 3rd baby girl this month so it was getting hard on her to watch Blakes. And of course work gets stressful every once in awhile due to the hours I get.... So I have been in the biggest stress mess!!! I can not wait for our house to be finished and get back to our every day routines.
All I want for Christmas is my house finished!!