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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

High School Sweethearts

 On December 19th just this last Sunday, was Griff and Mines 7 Year Anniversary!!!!

We started Dating our Sophomore year on December 19th 2003! We went to the Movie 'Stuck on You' and he held my hand. I had no cash on me to pay for the movie so you guessed it, I had a baggie of Change haha!! So Griff paid for me to get in even though I told him "No No No!!" I thought if my parents found out a boy paid for my movie at age 15 they would get mad thinking I was on a date... Well he wouldn't take my baggie of change so I guess it kinda was a date since we held hands!!
We were on our Winter Brake from school so we ended up hanging out just about every night for the few weeks we had off. About 4 days after the movie we had our first kiss.. Then we asked each other "What are we?" and decided to be together!!
When we got back to school we were inseparable!! We hung out after school, in between classes, at lunch and before school!! I loved every minute of it! Not only did we hang out at school we worked together at Classic Skating. As the years went on we ended up getting more then half our classes together!! It was so much fun, all the teachers new us as a package deal. Griff and I asked each
other to every dance it was the best thing ever!!
We have had some Difficult times that have made us work really hard but has made us so much stronger in the end!! Everything happens for a reason Right?!!
I love my High School Sweetheart!!!