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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Our Project

Griff and I have been talking about ways to update our home for quite some time now. One project that has been on the top of our list was painting our base boards white to brighten up our house. So a week ago we decided to stop at Lowe's and buy all the supplies we needed for our painting job. Griff called his friend Stephen to come over and help him out, since I am not much help.. I can't really bend over and crouch down for long periods of time. So Steve and Griff started by taping off the base boards, pouring the paint, and going at it!! They have been really busy, for days they have been painting away and it looks AMAZING!! Our half bath is all done... other then the back side of the door. The stair case is all finished and the upstairs hall way is almost done. They started on Blakelee's room it just needs a final coat. We have many doors and base boards still but it is coming along and I can not wait for it to be all painted. It sure does make our home look more cheerful and bright!! Thank you Steve all your help with this project!! Griff you have done such an amazing job and I am so lucky to have a husband who is willing to do awesome projects like this!
What a difference :)
Love how it is looking!!!

Griffin's 24!!

On August 5th we all met over at my moms house to celebrate Lindsay and Griffin's Birthday. My mom made enchiladas for dinner and had delicious cupcakes for dessert. Then we opened gifts, Lindsay got lotion, a candle, and pink pants. Griffin got a gift card to Uinta Golf!
Next we celebrated Anniversaries.
Lindsay and Zach's is on August 6th, and ours is on August 24th so my parents gave us a Willow Tree Statue. Lindsay and Zach got 2 little girl statues. We got a mom who is pregnant with the dad by her side statue. I love it!!

On Griffin's actual Birthday August 11th, We met at my parents and I gave him his gifts. He got an orange puma shirt, and some cupcakes!! We went to dinner with his family to Dickey's BBQ Pit, then over to his families for more gifts! He got a couple shirts, money, Texas Road House gc, and a cookie.
He sure had a good birthday. It went by way fast, I can't believe that he is 24!! 
I love you Griff and am so happy that I have been there with you for so many of your Special Birthdays!!