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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Steve and Lara CONGRATS!!

What a special day September 10th 2011 was and will always be for you two!!
We are so happy for you guys and so glad that we were able to share it with you!!

Waiting for them so come out of the Temple Sealed for Time and All Eternity.
Beautiful Salt Lake Temple!!
Congrats to the Happy Couple :D
After the Temple Griff and I walked around and had some lunch.
It is so crazy to think that we were walking out of the temple over a year ago...
... What a crazy fun and exciting day that it is!!
Jealous of you two that your wedding day was recent I miss ours haha!!
How silly does that sound??
It is an amazing day :)
Their gift!!
Cleaning Supplies.
The things you hate spending your money on when you go to the store...
... at least that is how we feel haha!!
We got them all Green Cleaning Supplies!!
The Reception center.
Their first Dance!
The Boys!!!
Steve and Griff's ring are so similar..
... just the opposite of each other's!!
The Gorgeous Bride!
My Handsome Hubby!!!!!! :)
Yay they are married and they are off to their fun Honeymoon!!!
So glad that we have such a fun married couple to hang out with and vacation with!!
We love you guys!!