"Happiness is a choice, not a result. Nothing will make you happy until you choose to be happy."

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Day 19...

...Another picture of yourself.

...Griff and I when we were little...
When we were putting together our Wedding Slide we found all these super adorable pictures from our childhood.
I love these pictures it is so much fun to reminisce back to the good ol' days of no responsibility!!
I remember when I was little I would always tell my mom " I want to grow up!" I wanted to make my own rules.. little did I know bills and responsibility and comes with that..

...But I love my life now and would not ever go back to the younger stage...

.San Diego.

Last week Griff and I went to San Diego with his family.
It was Devin's Spring Break so him and Megan planned a fun vacation and invited everyone to join them. So off to the Sun Shine we went! We were their from Wednesday to Sunday.. it went way TO fast..
There are MANY Pictures here, lets just say I love pictures we had over 300 so these are just a few :)
...Plane Ride...
...Getting our Rental Car...
...LOVE Palm Trees...
The first day we got there we headed to the pier it was so pretty!!
The wind was blowing and there were surfers out riding all the waves, not only did we see surfers we saw Dolphins jumping :).. Wish I would've had my camera out and ready for them.
After the Pier we walked on the Boardwalk and took a look in the fun shops, us girls were all in heaven.
Not so much the boys haha!
Isn't that just Gorgeous??
That night we went back to the hotel room and realized we need snacks for when we are just hanging in the room so the girls went to Target... WOW this Target is Huge..
There is an escalator, But the sweet part is that you can push your cart on a pulley and it takes your cart up or down with you.
Whit with her sparkly High Heels!!
Good Morning... Off to the yummy Breakfast.
Griff and I match.. we did not plan this!

This day Being Thursday the boys went Golfing and the girls went Shopping!
We found a Yogurt Land for some Frozen Yogurt :) Delicious.
Poor Megan got a dumb parking ticket... Booo!!
...Lounging in the room...
Over to Old Town for some Mexican Food.
It is such a cute place you seriously feel like you are in Mexico.
The food is the best I've ever had!!!
... HOT pepper!!...
On Friday Morning we had Breakfast then headed down to the pool to sit in the Hot Tub and swim a little.
We wanted to go to the San Diego Zoo this day but plans changed and we went with plan B.
Riding Bikes..
There was a place you could rent them for an hour, so we did and rode them around the boardwalk and over to the other pier!!
After riding bikes we found a Frozen Banana Stand :)
..Torey Pines Golf Course...
Tigger Woods and all the other Pro Golfers play here.
On our way back to the Hotel Room we saw the San Diego Temple.
For Dinner this night we went to Little Italy... Yummy!!!
The best Italian food :)
Saturday Morning we decided to go to Knotts Berry Farm!!!
It was about an hour drive to get there... but once we got there it was the warmest day and such a fun time!
...Griff Playing a Basket Ball Game to win a Jersey...
Holy Moly the rides here are AWESOME!!!
I can not wait to go back :)
Thank you Debbie and Scott for such a fun day. You guys took care of us and we could not be more Thankful!!!
Time to go home.... :(
On Sunday it was time to head back to SLC. Before we left we went back to the Boardwalk to pick up a few more fun things!
Then said goodbye to Devin and Meg :(
Our Yummy treats waiting for our plane!!!
Goodbye Cali... Until next time.