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Friday, March 8, 2013

What's New??

  • We are doing some work on our home such as: STILL painting base board (since Blake's was born that has been put on hold), Putting knobs on the cupboards, still working on Blake's room, and wanting to change our kitchen color from red to teal. I can not wait to get all these projects going and done!!
  • I am still working for SportClips Haircuts, I am there only 4 days a week now. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday. When I was working 5 days I just felt like I couldn't get anything done around the house, no errands were getting done, and of course I missed my baby girl.
  • Griffin is working a lot, he is doing coaching now!! He works every day but Wednesday and Sunday. I feel like I never see him because he will work close to 12 hours almost every day. But I am SO Thankful that he is willing to put in extra hours so I can have more time to be mommy! We love and miss him when he is not home.
  • Blake's is 5 months old and we are hoping to get 6 month pictures booked soon. I want to take some of just her, our family, and 4 generations. I can not wait!!!
  • We are trying to think of something little but fun for her to celebrate her 1/2 birthday when she turns 6 months!! We will both have to work so it will have to be small. Thinking caps are on.
  • Easter is up in our house :)!! I need to start buying gifts for both Griff and Blake. Holidays this year and from here on out will be the BEST!!!!!!
  • I have started running every day. I have only done just a little over 1 mile but I will get more as time goes on. I want to get back to Post Baby Body!!
  • We want a Truck!!! I don't know when or if we will get one but it has been a conversation we have had quite a bit! Hopefully this year. That way camping will be a breeze.
  • My sister, Zach, mom, dad, and my friend Nicole have been so helpful with watching Blakelee while we work and when we have something planned. It has been so nice knowing that she is in good hands and that they are all so willing to help us out!! Thank you.
  • Griff and I have now been spending our free time better. We spend it together more since our time together is slim picking. We watch shows, go to dinner, make dinner, do massages, clean, pay bills, play with Blake, work on our projects, and hang out with the family and friends.

Our family Pictures we took Last Fall... Yes I know these are LONG over due but I thought it is better late then never!!! Love my Family!!

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