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Friday, March 9, 2012

Telling the Parents

The original plan was to wait till we were 6-7 weeks along until we told our families but we were to excited. We couldn't wait even a week! So the day after we found out we decided to tell our parents.
We headed to Walmart picked up 2 blankets, 2 poster boards, and markers. Next off to my parents... on the way their I was writing on the poster and decorating it. It said "Bompa and Damma Please Hold Safe. Love Ryder or Blaklee. See you in October! Baby Bland."
When we got to my families we dropped the poster on the door step and put the blanket with it. Rang the doorbell and went in through the garage. We were trying to be sneaking and fast so we would be inside while they opened the door, but the garage door was locked so we didn't make it in until after they had already picked up the gift on the porch. They were so very surprised!! My mom yells "Your Pregnant??" We had told everyone that we wanted to wait 5 years after we were married until kids... We fooled them all! :D We hugged them and some tears were involved of happiness!!
We hung out with them for a bit and then headed to Griff's families.
Dev and Meg already knew the news because Griff was so excited he had to tell someone they day we found out. So they said they would help us out with telling the fam! Thanks guys!!!
So we met them in the neighborhood and gave them the poster and blanket for them to place on the porch ring and run while we were already inside.
So we head in the house trying to pretend like nothing. But knowing that we were about to tell his family and just getting done telling my family, we were on a high!! Finally we hear the doorbell ring and Debbie goes to get it. She just stares at it forever haha then says "Oh my gosh!" So we go over and give her a hug. More tears!! Next thing we bring it inside and the family congratulates us!
It was so fun to tell the family!
We are so excited for our little one to be here!!!

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