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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Weekend of Golf

A few weeks ago Griff and I went to St. George and Vegas so he could play some golf in a tournament. He played a practice round in St. George on Saturday at Coral Canyon. He was able to play with a Pro, he's not a big name but he was very good! Griff loved every minute of it. He got to ask him questions and learn from him. For the last 9 holes Griff's brother Eric met up with him to be able to play as well. Once they were done we got some food then went back to Eric and April's house to relax.
In the morning we woke up pretty early packed up our things and headed to Vegas for the Tournament in Boulder City. We got their and it was freezing!! I had long pants, boots, long sleeve shirt, jacket, and Griff's jacket. I was still cold!!
It was a fun day watching him play his little heart out!!
He played very well! Good job love!
Once he was done we started our long drive back to SLC.... What a trip! Lots of driving, but fun to watch Griff do what he loves :D

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