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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

4th of July

July 4th this year was not like we usually do, but it was still way fun!! We usually go up to Sugar House Park and have a BBQ and watch the firework show. But this year my mom, Blake's, and I went to Breakfast in the morning. Then we went back to my moms to get ready for the party my mom and dad was throwing!!
They did a great job!! There was a kid pool for the girls and water guns for them to play with as well as all of us. We had had a great water fight!
The food spread was so cute for the 4th!!!
Sisterly Love!!!
Next my mom gave the girls each a gift bag!!!
There were glow sticks, toys, necklaces, gak, and a windmill.
They were in heaven!
We then celebrated my birthday. I was spoiled!!! Lots of fun shoes, jewelry and much more!
Playing with the Gak!
After all the day fun it was time for the night fun to begin!!!
My favorite!
All the girls cleaned up and in there 4th attire.
Glow sticks are the best.
And the show began!!
My parents went all out and got the sky high fireworks!!!!
Such a fun day I absolutley LOVE the 4th of July!!!  Defiantly top 3 Favorite Holiday!

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