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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Happy Birthday Little B

September 30th was Blakelee's 2nd Birthday. We went to breakfast in the morning at Village Inn with Lindsay and her girls. Then went back to her house to let the girls play. Lindsay gave Blakelee her gift since she wasn't at the party. She made her an awesome bean bag and pillow!!!! Blake loved it so much. So her and Jae played on their bean bags for awhile!!!
The girls all got Blanky's and their bean bags with some treats and watched a movie together!
It was a pretty rainy and windy day so we couldn't do a whole lot so we just hung out at Lindsay's house and let the girls play all day.
Blakelee is seriously the best little girl ever. She knows so much,  she will surprise you all the sudden by knowing how to say something or understand exactly what you are saying. She loves her Juice, Milk, Shoes, Socks, and Stuffed Animals. She is so funny with her shoes and socks, they can't match!! Otherwise she will throw a fit. She loves watching Bubble Guppies and Dora, but she calls them Bubble and Boots! Tangled is her most favorite Disney movie ever. Whenever she sees or hears the song she starts laughing and gets so excited. She also really loves Curious George! In fact she heard a song on the radio that was in the Curious George movie and started saying "mommy ahaha!!!" That is how she says monkey.
She knows the sounds of  a Monkey, Cow, Horse, Turkey, Chicken, Dog, Bird, Owl Cat, Frog, Pig Fish, Sheep, Lion, Bear, Snake, Bee, Witch, Ghost, and Santa. 
She is in her big girl room because Savvy is in the nursery. She has been in her big girl room since about July. She has fallen out a few times so we ended up putting a Pool Noodle under her fitted sheet so it gave her a little bit of a barrier to help her to not fall out. I ended up taking it out about 2 weeks ago because she was doing awesome and the noodle ended up getting knocked out anyways. She has to sleep with all of her stuffed animals, pillows, blankets, and pretty much all her shoes will end up in her bed by morning. It was and has been a transition for all of us having her in a bed instead of a crib. She wakes up earlier now and will knock on the door saying "I want out!!" then will eventually yell it until we come let her out. She can't open our doors yet. She can't turn door knobs but can turn the ones with the handle. (if that makes sense!). She always ends up locking herself in while trying to open the door.
Blake knows MANY words!! She knows:
Mom, Dad, Baby, Papa, Whit, Mommy, Momma (these are her grandmas and her aunt Lindsay), Jae, Bay, Ryss, Beau, Scary, Phone, Home, Picture, Bug, Help, Hi, Bye, Thank You, Please, Look, Welcome, Belly, Back, Eyes, Teeth, Feet, Toes, Blanky, Binky, Bottle, Sit, Eat, Food, Cake, Milk, Juice, Water, Cheese, Honey, Chicken, Chocolate, Cookie, Fork, Spoon, Yummy, Candy, Uh Oh, More, Please, Snack, Door, Knock, Color, Stairs, Bow, Boots, Shoes, Socks, Pants, Shirt, Wait, Blue, Purple, Pink, Bed, Jammie's, Prayer, Amen, Pillow, Bear, Nap, Night Night, Day, Diaper, Stinky, Poop, Pee, Potty, I want it, I got it, I love you, I hungry, I want down, You coming, Whats up Dude, Cool Dude, Cucky and Yucky, Don't cry baby, Come on,Stop it, Tummy Hurt, I Two,  Don't, Silly, and Many more I am sure I am missing!!!
She Laughs whenever you laugh and will usually put her hand over her mouth and put her head down or back to make it more dramatic. She is my drama queen, She is good at tantrums and will throw herself on the ground crying. But when I say "wipe your tears" She usually will wipe them away and calm down. She is getting the point that I can reason with her. It doesn't happen all the time but when we are lucky she will listen. 
She is really good at giving hugs and kisses.
Loves to growl and scream.
Hates having her hair combed.
Knows all the body parts!
Loves brushing her teeth.
When she knows your are mad at her she sometimes will close her eyes as in, If she can't see us then we can't see her. 
She loves phones.
Has a hard time Sharing most of the time. That will come when Savvy is old enough. She understands what is means but just doesn't like to if she isn't in the mood. And if she had if first and someone else takes it that kid usually will get pushed. We are working on it!! Haha it is hard!
Has the stairs mastered!!!! Going down she can't do them as fast as going up but she can do it and has been able o since she was young!
She is funny and a stinker around cameras. When I am taking pictures of Savvy then of course she doesn't want to be left out. But if I am wanting pictures of her she runs or starts to cry. I guess she is just at that age. 
She is my monkey!! She climbs on everything. She can get up and down on the bar stool, bed, climbs on the side tables, tries to get on counters, and just about anything she can she will attempt to climb on. She really has never fallen. So she is really good at it. 
Loves being on the go.
Wakes up at about 8:30am. Goes to bed about 8:30.
Hates Naps but still will take a good solid hour to 3 hour nap through the day. Usually starting at 1pm right after lunch.
Loves baths and bubbles in her bath.
Bites her straws.
Loves playing with your hair, Although it doesn't last long.
Loves food but would rather be playing then eating, I usually have to sit right by her to get her to eat.
Gives high fives and rocks.
Loves to bonk heads, She is really soft but will move her head towards yours and say "Bonk!"
Loves to color.
Loves playing and being outside!!! It is a fight to get her back inside once we go out.
We can't really go out to dinner anymore to nice places because she cries or gets worked up. We have to go to places that she can be a bit more loud.
Has to have 2 of everything, such as 2 cookies, 2 Socks (if she is holding them), 2 Blankets, or 2 Forks.
Is getting really sick of diapers and usually is butt naked after her naps because she doesn't want her diaper on anymore.
Keeps me on my toes, This year she has pooped and painted with it 2 times in her crib, dumped a whole bottle of powder all over the nursery, colored on the walls with crayons and chalk, peed in her big girl bed because she takes her diaper off, and wants to be such a helper with everything!!!!
She wants to be such a big girl and doesn't want to be left out of anything. 
She is one awesome sassy smart and perfect little girl!!! 

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