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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Miss Blakelee's 2nd Birthday

On September 28th we celebrated Blakelee's 2nd Birthday! We had all our families over Sunday evening and opened gifts and had dessert. I did a Hot Air Balloon Birthday Theme for her, It was her Growing Up UP Up Party! 
Everyone came but Lindsay and her family and Megan and her family. We missed them so much and wish they could of have made it. 
I can not believe that my baby girl is 2 years old. Those 2 years flew right past me. She has become such a young lady with, I know I say it a lot but it is so true, sass and personality!!! Even though her spunk can be hard to manage at times I wouldn't have it any other way. She keeps me on my toes and tests her limits but she learns so much and is so smart!!!
Once everyone made it we started with gifts. She was spoiled to say the least!!! Everyone was so generous. She got a ton of clothes and fun things for her room as well as some toys!! She is defiantly LOVED!!
Thank you everyone for all the amazing gifts.
 Next we sang Happy Birthday and let her blow out her candle. She then ate her cupcake we then all had our treats.
She loved the frosting, of course, what kid doesn't!? She only ate that! She then realized that the cake part was yummy too!!! She hates being messy or sticky so after awhile she wanted out and wanted to be wiped down!
After dessert we hung out and talked with everyone as well Blakelee playing with all her toys gifts.
These girls loved the Balloons!
Notice Blakelee's not matching shoes!?
This is how she does shoes haha!!! She hates when they match. I have to talk to her about having matching shoes when we are leaving the house. Sometimes she has to have her non matching shoes on in the car and I have to bring along the match and talk to her in the car that once we get to where we are going that we have to match our shoes! She is hilarious!
Her Haul!!!!
It was a great night! I love Blake so much and can't imagine my life without her. She has the most tender heart and makes you feel so loved!! She is so polite and sweet. Anyone who meets her just falls in love.

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